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  1. Possible Top 15


    South Africa


  2. MUO is rolling the dice with climate disruptions, not just for flights but local weather in Atlanta. At least Vegas is temperate even in December. Remember Pia’s year, the candidates can walk around without heavy coats.

  3. Atlanta is known as America’s “Black Mecca”, the center of black wealth, political and social power, education, culture, music and film. It is the birthplace of America’s civil rights movement. It is also known as one of America’s most LGBT-friendly city. It’s population is 52% blacks, 40% white and 4% Asian. In this backdrop, would this women-empowerment-themed pageantry crown a black lawyer this year?

    • @ scorg: “would this women-empowerment-themed pageantry crown a black lawyer this year?” If and only if she passes the evening gown competition. So far none of the recent Miss USA reps had passed beyond the evening gown.

      • What I know is that MU selects the semi-finalists based on personality projected in one-on-one interviews, and this accounts for 60% of the score. The remaining 40% is accounted for by the finals night performance in projecting physical beauty (EG and SS segments) and finally the cerebral beauty (live Q & A segment). Most times, USA makes the cut in the preliminaries, but not in the finals night segments. If MUSA is able to hurdle the EG and SS segments, she is always a formidable contender for the crown.

  4. handa na sila mag korona ng negra itim na kandidata
    Gazini ay tough 10 lang yan

  5. Confirmation is yet to be announced by the MU org before this month ends. So without it, everything remains vague. But wherever it is in US soil, MU remains the most watched amongst the big 4 pageants.

  6. there is no announcement yet in the missuniverse.com … DC is very unsuitable for December , very harsh winter weather … between Atlanta and Reno-Tahoe , I vote for Reno-Tahoe but at least the winters are less frigid here and these two have comparatively the same kind of winter weather … snow is possible though …

    • @ kembular2020 A South African sandwich? 🙂

      Is Chesli Kryst black enough for you?

      How about Fionnghuala O’Reilly?

  7. After watching the video, i must say, nakakamiss ang prod / opening numbers ng Miss Universe. Sana ibalik nila like nung 2010.. para naman mas may entertainment. hehe

    • agree..the years 2008-2012 saw michael schwandt as in charge of MUs opening dance and choreoraphy…those were the years also when the girls got so exhausted with the countless hours of practixe to achieve tv perfect shots..if 2010 has the best opening number, the 2013 edition is one of my fave evening gown round competitions with Emin belting his top hits..its onw for the books in terme of production value..since IMG took over, the production value has waned and focus was on women empowerment with the girls’ backstories taking centwr stage…times have indeed change..and with NBC out of the picture,

  8. is this confirmed? still waiting for their final announcement though. I think this is a great choice, instead of Las Vegas.

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