19 comments on “ボン・ヴォヤージュ, Patch!

  1. Mga beks at sisteret akala ko dyosa na bumaba sa Lupa si j. Magdangal hindi Pala. in fairness Mas maganda si atty patch nun nag tabi sila.

  2. What I love most about this version of Patch is that she has finally mastered the smize (talk about a term from the aughts). Whereas her eyes seemed blank & lifeless (to me) in the past, now the sparkle is evident. Her bearing has always been refined & queenly—& then there’s her formidable mind & ability to articulate herself very well. I have no doubt she will make us proud.

  3. May you have best of luck, Patch.

    I know that your best qualities can highly qualify you to clinch the MI crown, but we don’t know how the stars align in your favor come coronation. I have high hopes that your preparation for the pageant will be paid off.

    Recently, I was heartbroken due to Leren’s failure to bring Miss Globe back home. I thought she was more beautiful and eloquent than our previous reps in the pageant, assuring our next feat in this pageant. But the constellation of stars on the pageant night bespoke to Miss Mexico.

    Ipaglaban mo kami, Patch. That’s all!

  4. Beauty and brains…
    She will do well without a single doubt!

    Goodluck Patch!
    You are a winner!

  5. she’s beautifuuuulll. pero nabibigatan ako sa damit. hahaa i am so excited for her everyday wardrobes. evening gown, natcos. do you have any idea tito Norms who are the designers?

  6. May Ghana, din, si Attorney!

    She looks like the Bubble Gum Sweetness Fairy.


  7. Blog na yun?sayang effort pagpunta sa page mo tito.norms. lately parang walang masyado laman mga entries mo parang hindi na pinag iisipan grab grab nalang… I was expecting good entries or your top pics for miss earth and miss grand na bukas na. Puro ouchu oucho entries. Sad.

    • eh di don’t visit his blog. ano gusto mo lagay ni tito norms? pati kung anong brand ng make up ang ginamit sakanya? or anong tela ang damit niya? hahahaha kaloka ka.

    • @ Batla Obviously, old-timer, ka. We need to bear in mind that he no longer has as much time as before. He is now even more engaged in actual pageantry work. He all told us before that he has gotten the help of an (lady) Admin to cover for him. And he is human, too. All the more recently – spending time with family, reuniting with old friends, regular visits to his favorite barber-salon, etc.

      The ME Top Picks is surely forthcoming. Medyo sumabay kasi ang (The) Miss Globe this time sa annual duel-showdown between ME and MGI for “Big 4 Pageant” bragging rights. And we all know Tito N LOVES Leren.

      Are you the commentator formerly known as Baklah? How’s Magbitang? When she fight again? 🙂

      • Hindi batla lang talaga gamit ko. Nasanay lang ako na magaganda laman ng page niya dati, ung tipong malalaman. Ngayon puro grab and share nalang, so I naisip ko nga baka nd na sya ang nag aupdate ng page niya kasi hindi gabto ang quality ng works nya dati.

    • Agreed veks.. I think Norms need to balance his uber busy pageantry gigs and putting some meaty blog entries… Limited but substantial posts. Just my two cents…

  8. The Japanese sense of self is defined through its interaction with others and not merely through the force of individual personality. The individual works for the welfare of the family, the local community, the corporation, and the country. This uniqueness is something Japan is very proud to share to the world. The same sense of self is what this multi-talented rep is sharing to the world. The whole Philippines is with Patch’s pitch for peace.

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