16 comments on “Hannah Arnold version 2020?

  1. I think she needs to further sharpen her interview & hosting skills… Once she has greatly improved that along with her dancing skills plus a gorgeous avant garde pageant gown w/ great styling, she could easily win a national title.

  2. A strong contender for MI or MUP for 2020, but I think it is strategic to go for MW 2020.

  3. Miss World Philippines na yan… Go for that blue crown. Lola Cook Julia will love her beauty.

  4. Katy Perry

    I believe she is more suited for MWP. Really…I did not say she is not a good contender for BBP. But she is really an MWP material.

  5. If she learns to relax and show her true personality I think she’ll be a contender. It’s one of the benefits of not winning on the first go-round, the girls get priceless experience on what it feels to be on stage and they can re-watch and critique their performance.

  6. I hope she will align herself with the right people / camp that can develop her competitiveness in all aspects of pageantry. She certainly has the potential to be a strong contender in one of the alpha pageants.

  7. She need some depth. Suggestion ko sayo Arnold Magkaroon k ng immersion sa ibang ibang social groups. Find your voice. Find your passion. Superficial ka pa oh Study the culture of the country. Kasi halatang halata wala kang lalim. Make good use of your education apply it in the current situation.

  8. she was soooo hilaw last year. if she had a better Q&A Performance, would’ve placed her as a runner up so she can be trained.

    Anyway, if she plans to join again, sana mas nahinog na siya. Alam mo ung pa sweet pero may fierceness, may laban.

    she needs to step up ung fierceness. better styling din sana yung tipong iba ibang look kaya niyang sport. hehe

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