22 comments on “Alejandra Diaz de Leon Soler of Mexico wins The Miss Globe 2019

  1. Her glamour shots were good and she could have been the front runner for the crown. However, her Q&A was somewhat weak. She seemed shaken while delivering her answer. But good job.

  2. BTW Tito Norms, do you know where is the 2018 winner? She was nowhere to be seen throughout the competition. even sa crowning wala siya.

    was she dethroned or di lang talaga umattend?

  3. Leren’s full performance here:

    Leren is class. She wasn’t expecting that her name will be called in the Top 5.

  4. Congrats, Leren!

    We are happy! Enjoy your triumph. You have proved yourself.

    …Gandang Pilipina!

  5. Some Filipino fans are too much. Nakakahiya sa ibang country and pageant managements. Baka never na tayo ipanalo pag lagi ganun behavior all social media and livestream..

  6. Some Filipino fans are too much. Nakakahiya sa ibang country ang pageant managements. Baka never na tayo ipanalo pag lagi ganun behavior all social media and livestream..

  7. What did i tell u guys??? They can’t afford to crown another asian for 5 consecutive years let alone another filipina. They need to make their rounds crowning country to country despite being the best performer you are. In 2017, they deliberately removed Q&A in favor of Vietnam coz Nelda was a threat.

  8. Leren is declared 2nd RU not because she is 3rdr best. She is unmistakably the best. But just like any minor pageant, MG’s business side calls for strengthening its foothold into other markets, this time the Latin American market. For the past 4 successive years, it has crowned Asians —Philippines, India, Vietnam and China. Continuous Asian dominance definitely disincentivises existing franchises, as well as retards the growth of new franchises. In the past, it has successively crowned Europeans, interspersed only by Venezuela, Brazil and Canadia. Yet, as a matter of strategy, MG has always placed the Philippines in the winning circle. It is not because Philippines always sends outstanding candidates because we do. It is because these pageantry organizations need to always energize its Philppine base, the only pageant-crazed country with hordes of noisy fans in all corners of the cyberspace, and in all corners of the world.

    • Next stop: MGI and ME. We may not win here but the million-strong Filipinos in the cyberspace an in all corners of the world, universe, globe, internation(al), and intercontinent(al) certainly will get top prize from pageant organisers for keeping the pageantry business always alive and pulsating!

    • Exactly! There’s no reason for them to crown another filipina as they already had us as fans. They’re making their rounds crowning country to country. It’s a shame really. And here we are gullible fans and some of them have low understanding of politics in pageantry.

      • At the outset, it may seem we are gullible. But there are many Filipino pageant enthusiasts like you who knows that in the global political economy of beauty pageants, Filipinos are a major player and that they can influence the development of this global industry. Beauty pageants are a national pasttime, just like basketball and boxing. But unlike basketball and boxing, pageantry is deep-rooted in our culture and history. While pageant organizations play with our collective emotions, we simply continue enjoying the show– advocacy or no advocacy.

  9. Congratulations, our “Leren Leren Sinta”. I hope you’ll have a bright future here in the Philippines or abroad, whether in pageantry, show biz, or any meaningful advocacies. You’ll do great! God bless.

  10. congrats leren..u may not have won the crown but a 2RU placement is excellent enuf than last year’s michelle gumabao’s top15 finish..i hope youll have a wonderful career whatever it may be..

  11. Honestly, in the beginning… I was not sold on Leren and I dare say I was even disappointed she nabbed one of the coveted crowns at Bb. Pilipinas from someone else. She seemed like a wet blanket when she competed at Araneta. I even told myself “what do people see in her?”. Well, shut my mouth and call me Lucy, because Leren proved me wrong. She showed me what so many here have seen in her that I, stupidly, missed. She trained really hard and looked better and better as The Miss Globe competition neared. She was absolutely gorgeous and the epitome of a beauty queen when she left for Montenegro. Her face was just so exquisite and she always seemed so regal. I was so sure she was going to win. I’m so sorry I was wrong about her in the beginning… but I’m so happy to finally realize what a true beauty she is. She may not have won Miss Globe but she won my heart! I wish her the best in her future endeavors! The world is her oyster.

  12. panalo na dapat si Leren
    kaso tiningnan ang mga comments
    and chat sa live chat
    kaya natalo

    next time maging respectful kasi

    nung tagtuyot ang Pinas masaya na tayo mahagip ng camera kandidata
    at manalo miss photogenic dahil sa votes
    but then again hindi pa uso social media that time


  13. Parang di siya masaya. Natatakot na sila manalo baka mabash na naman ng mga ungrateful pinoy fans! 😂

  14. Leren is way prettier than the winner…
    I wish Leren engaged more with the Audience during the Q&A since Trinidad&Tobago is more articulate just to seal a higher placement… but again her performance was close to perfection… She desserved to win… but its ok… its not the end of her pageant journey yet… There is more opportunitites for Leren Bautista…. Congratulations!

  15. I thought, in terms of beauty, USA will be Leren’s toughest competition. But then again, Congrats, Leren. nakakaloka lang ang crown. very MU! Charot. you made us proud. job well done!

    • MrManila TYVM for your observation. Mouawad surely read and will endeavor to present something unprecedented. 🙂

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