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  1. Admin, si Miss Grand-USA ba, bona fide US citizen? Or, holds a non-USA passport but simply sashed as “USA”.? Maybe she has a USA connection of some sort….

  2. BPCI official statement: “Late Saturday night, Samantha surfaced in Caracas…”.

    What? Makes it sound like she traveled by submarine under cover of darkness LOL!


    1) It is way too impossible to fake the Philippine passport now due to its very high-tech features, so how come there could and would be one? Try asking those who offer fake documents along Recto if they can make one. There might still be fixers, but they’re actually into establishing connections with the peeps in the government agency (DFA in this case) in order to get the needed REAL documents in a shorter time span and not with those who make fake ones.

    2) The DFA only said that no Philippine passport was issued to Sam, but that doesn’t already mean she used a fake passport for her travel to Venezuela just like what BPCI is insisting. ONLY the French immigration authorities who allegedly detained her, not the BPCI, can say if she really did so or not. Now, if DFA is really saying as of the moment that Sam has a fake passport, it should come from and ONLY from them, not again from BPCI.

    3) Prior to her “dethronement” as Miss Universe Philippines, Venus Raj didn’t bear ANY passport, which prompted her to get one from the DFA in order to get the title back. On the other hand, Sam has a US passport, but she was able to prove her dual citizenship by submitting certification from the Philippine embassy in the US where she grew up (not necessarily a Philippine passport). The Philippine passport is not actually required by Binibining Pilipinas to its applicants whether natural-born or dual-citizen upon joining, but only to its titleholders specifically natural-born ones. Sam was able to enjoy such privilege thanks to the Dual Citizenship Law of 2003, unlike Anjanette Abayari (1991), Tisha Silang (1998), and Janelle Bautista (1999) who were all dethroned for bearing non-Philippine issued passports. With such legislation also, passports are now less of a proof of citizenship – you can still be a Filipino even if you don’t have a Philippine passport.

    4) Most international pageants today accept dual-citizen candidates, so bearing a passport issued by the countries they’re representing should not be a big deal anymore.

    5) It is the obligation of the national franchise holder to send a candidate anually to the international pageant AT ALL COSTS as stipulated in the franchise itself – fines shall be imposed if the national franchise holder wouldn’t be able to do so for whatever reason. Same rules apply if the national franchise holder wants to terminate their international pageant franchise. The question: If ever BPCI doesn’t really want to send a candidate for this year’s MGI pageant, are they ready to pay the possible fines?

    6) It is also the responsibility of the national franchise holder to secure travel documents for their titleholders for their respective international pageants. AFAIK, while BPCI has a stable executive committee, they actually don’t have their own plantilla including their secretariat. They only pull out random employees of the Araneta Group to work for them, and that is only for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant! With that being said, how come they can practice due diligence in ensuring that their titleholders travel smoothly for their international pageants?

    7) An embargo issued by the US to Venezuela doesn’t really mean that Americans, whether natural-born, naturalized, or dual-citizen, are barred from going there. In fact, Miami airport is still open for flights to and from Caracas, so those coming from Venezuela can still travel to the US provided they bear complete and authentic travel documents. Also, there’s a Miss USA in this year’s MGI pageant. Therefore, if no Philippine passport was issued to Sam, then she might have used her US passport to enter Caracas from Paris, contrary to speculations that she used a fake Philippine passport.

    8) Sam stressed out the issue with transit visa. With her US passport, she can lay over France; but before that, she has to go to Turkey first, and there the problem may have arised. Yes kids, the US is a global superpower, but not its passport as its holders have to apply for visas upon traveling to certain countries like Turkey (Google it to verify).

    • @MVF: Your points are correct. As a frequent traveller, I know the peculiar challenges in lay-overs and in-transits via Schengen countries for my connecting flights. I just am surprised with points #7 and #2. If #7 were true, who advised Sam to travel to Venezuerla via Paris and not Miami? If she traveled all the way to Venezuela on a US passport via Miami, there would have been no problem. On the #2 “fake” passport issue, the allegations surface only due to the DFA claim that no passport was issued to Sam. While the conclusion of “fake” passport does not necessarily follow the claim of passport non-issuance by DFA, what does the French immigration authorities say? Was there , or was there not, a Philiippine passport ever presented to them?

      • The 7th point is my presumption that Sam definitely used her US passport for her entire trip, thus making the Philippine passport issue more irrelevant, because it would be cheaper for the BPCI who’s supposedly in charge of her travel documents as no visa would be required for US passport holders like her who wish to travel to France. But again, for her to travel to Paris using her US passport, she must go to Istanbul first where she must secure a visa prior to her trip there which might be the culprit. Yes, she can fly from Miami to Caracas, but she must go to LAX first and that would be more expensive ticket-wise for BPCI.

      • @MVF: I don’t understand the need to pass through Istanbul to go to Paris and present a Turkey visa. Isn’t Istanbul simply a stopover for a forward connection? I’ve passed through Istanbul several times in the past for my connecting flight and no airport transit visa is required. Unless Istanbul requires such for US passport holders, and not for Filipino travellers. But then again, why pass through Istanbul to go to France? Unless she was given Turkish Airlines tickets, lately one with the cheapest ticket fares for international travel. Traveling via USA nowadays is still expensive as the peak season has not yet subsided.

      • @MVF: Another question– passing through Istanbul to go to France is only logical if Sam’s ticket is Turkish Airlines. But if she traveled on Turkish Airlines ticket, why pass through Paris when there is a flight from Istanbul to Caracas? Wouldn’t that be more expensive?

      • @ scorg: “why pass through Paris when there is a flight from Istanbul to Caracas? Wouldn’t that be more expensive?” Paris and London are the major and most cost effective entry points for flights originating from Southeast Asia. As such there are more flights being booked from Southeast Asia to London and Paris compared to Istanbul. However, flights from Paris to Caracas or London to Caracas are way more expensive compared to flights from Istanbul to Caracas, even if it means making a side trip from Paris to Istanbul. As stated along this thread, Turkish Airline is one of the cheapest.

      • @XYZ: So, going back to my earlier question, why pass through Istanbul and Paris en route to Venezuela, when from Istanbul she can fly direct to Venezuela? This is assuming she really passed through Istanbul via Turkish Airlines. Seen from the cost perspective, a direct flight to Venezuela may be logical. But we really do not know other factors like flight schedules that may necessitate passing through Paris. Oh, well, we will not know the real answers unless the real story unfolds after the MGI contest. Meanwhile, let us all wish only the best for Sam as she tries to give her utmost best for the Philippines.

      • Yes I already Googled it. Manila-Istanbul-Caracas. Now, does this mean that the alleged Paris incident is a hoax? And worse, since she is a US passport holder, she might have been deported to the US?! Hmmm, seems like BPCI is going to leave the conversation.

  4. Reason bakit di siya madedethrone. Irrelevant ang Phil. Passport sa kaso niya. She is a balikbayan who reacquire her citizenship by virtue of RA. 9225 therefore di na kailangan ng Phil. passport as requirement for her binibini application. At siya rin po ay may proof of residency since 2017 and up pa ata siya nandito. Ang kailangan lang ay may certificate na issue ng Bureau of Immigration. Since nakaaalis naman siya ng maayos sa Pilipinas, malamang walang isyu sa Philippine Immigration.

    Yun lang yun. Di siya madedethrone kaya kalma lang. let her win. Support na lang because she is giving us one hell of a show.

  5. Wow! Thanks to the passport scandal, MGI’s the most talked about pageant at the moment!

    And what if Samantha wins MGI? Will BPCI drag this scandal further by dethroning her as MGI Philippines?

    • Yes ghostbuster😄
      Babawiin din ang korona at ibigay ang korona kay Kaayaaya dahil may gawing naman sila ni Nawat hihihi.
      Take it or leave it sabi ni SMA kay mother nawat hihihi😊

  6. From BPCI Application form:

    I certify that all of the following information/data and/or matters indicated in this Application Form and
    such documents attached hereto are true, and that there are no false statements, misrepresentations or omissions herein.

    I warrant that the documents I have submitted are public documents in my possession or which came
    into my possession legally and/or are public documents attested to by the officer/s having the legal
    custody of the records, and that, where applicable, the entries therein were made in the regular
    performance of an official duty, and that I will hold BPCI free and harmless from any breach of this

    • That is for requirement purposes. Obviously di naman relevant ang fake phil passport sa kanya. Dahil she qualified under RA 9225 or balikbayan reacquire phil citizenship. Wala siyang minisrepresent when she applied for bb pilipinas.

      • Ang Phil Passport required lang kung natural born filipino citizen ka. Not in her case na balikbayan. RA 9225 will apply in her case.

  7. Kasalanan ng mga anino ng previous LP administration yan na hanggang ngayon ay nanggugulo pa rin at nasanay sa kagawian nila sa LP administration na puro under the table at kagaguhan ang ginagawa para lang magkapera.
    Yang c traPoe(pamangkin ng LP) na wala namang nagawa kundi pahirap sa bayan lang ang alam😊hihihi LP pa more 😆

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  8. Ang daming masyadong affected sa passport brouhaha.
    Problema na nila Samantha at Bb. Pilipinas yun.
    Let’s just enjoy the pageant.
    Yun naman talaga ang purpose ng pageants, which is to provide entertainment by presenting beautiful ladies in gowns and swimsuits.
    I don’t even care about the “advocacies” the ladies supposedly stand for na nauuso lately.
    I find the “advocacies” (not all, but majority of them) forced and fake.
    As if para lang sa ganda points kaya gumuwa ang contestants ng kani kanilang “advocacies” that they supposedly stand for 😉

    • agree..daming haka haka tungkol sa passport, tungkol sa citizenship, US, Venezuela, of being unofficial delegate, bpci..at kung anung anik anik..thats what happens when some people try to make sense of
      things they do not know about..for example, e wala naman tau dun sa paris airport..and to prove na talagang na deport sya, e check ang imigration records kung bumalik nga ba sya at umalis ulit..etc..saka saan na ung ibang pasahero, weird naman wla man lang nakakilala sa kanya..sa panahon ngaun, uso na ang mag fabricate ng truth..daming loopholes ng narrative nila..but who am i to debunk it, what will i gain. .we are all consumers of information, and may each has the wisdom on how to proxess it..

  9. My top 6 at MGI in no particular order:

    Puerto Rico

  10. The Philippines is the only ASEAN country which is required by France to have an Airport Transit Visa (ATV). It is lumped up along with other poor Asian and African countries in this requirement. There would have been no problem if Sam used her US passport all the way. But because of the ban on travels to Venezuela by US citizens, she cannot use her US passport, much less transit through USA which is the easier route. So she went through Paris where there are connecting flights to Venezuela. It is easy to go to Paris with her US passport, no more need for an ATV. It could have been a last minute realization that Paris immigration would not allow her to fly to Venezuela using US passport due to the travel embargo. That explains the last minute rush to get her a Philippine passport. Unfortunately, the rush job was done by a fixer. In presenting the Philippine passport in Paris, her ordeal began from two counts: no ATV and “fake” passport.

    • Question: knowing the peculiar circumstances required in traveling to war-torn Venezuela, and the potential difficulties it may pose on a US passport holder, why were these issues never discussed earlier to preempt situations like this? Traveling to the pageant venue may have posed no problems with our previous reps, but this particular venue poses a real serious travelling challenge

    • There is no last minute rush in getting one. May PH PP na dapat si SL upon joining BB. Hindi lang sya kumuha dahil sa emgiay

      • I am not sure if having a Philippine passport is a prerequisite to joining Binibini. Some of our winners may have dual passports (US, Australian, British, Canadian, etc aside from Philippine passport) which they can use whenever and wherever convenient. It appears, Sam only had US passport. Since the pageant venue imposes a travel embargo on US passport holders, the passport cannot be used. Why this situation came to the fore only in the last minute indicates a very serious lack of administrative oversight.

      • Mygad scorg. You’ve been an avid pageant blog follower. 🙂 It has been BPCI’s requirement to have a PH PP. Without it results to disqualification or dethronement in case probe comes later.

      • @Andy: While I am a pageant enthusiast, I don’t know the rules of BPCI with regards to US citizens who join its pageants. I work abroad and am able to go back for vacation only twice a year. If that is a requirement, this debacle is an eye-opener for BPCI to keenly scrutinise henceforth the documents of each and every contestant.

    • “There would have been no problem if Sam used her US passport all the way.”

      How can she use a US passport for an official trip as Ms Philippines? That’s absurd.

      And is it really possible to use a different passport to leave a transit that was granted to another passport? The embarkation record will not match with the disembarkation.

      • @AJ: You’re correct. It’s absurd to use a US passport for an official trip as Ms. Philippines. It is also not normal to use a different passport to leave a transit that was granted to another passport. But the peculiar circumstance here is that the destination has travel embargo for some passport holders. Here is what I think has happened. And this is only my opinion. I have no concrete evidence. Since she is a holder of two passports, as dual citizens are, she or her airport “protocol” may have convinced the Immigration Officer at NAIA to stamp embarkation record on the 2 passports. The intent is irregular, but fully understandable in the light of the urgency to reach Venezuela. Once in Paris, the forward flight can use the Philippine passport. Alas, it was found out to be forged.

      • Per the BPCI statement, Sam using her US passport is ok with them. Nobogy should rush to judgment on either Sam or BPCI. Only them know all the details on what actually went on.

    • If there is a travel ban to Venezuela for US citezens, how come there’s a Miss USA in this year’s MGI?

  11. Mga bakla king ayaw no sa MGI wag kayo manood, wag nyo pag usapan at wag na kayo mag comment sa mga post sa social media tungkol kay Sam o sa MGI. Ganun lang lang kasimple. Masyado nyong iniistrees mga sarili nyo. Iginanda nyo ba yang pam babash nyo? Okina tangos ba ng ilong nyo yan? Ikina kinis ba ng balat nyo? O ikina yaman nyo?

    Tutal naman ayaw nyo kay Sam at sa MGI pwes tantanan nyo na sila. Move na kayo para sa MU sa dec. Mga Vaklang Toh!

  12. kapag nanalo
    si sam lo
    sasabihin BPCI proud sila
    tapos dami Pinoys mag post proud sila


    • @ kembular2020 Promise, kilala kita.

      Your writing style and demeanor is very similar to that of a not-too-long-ago commentator.


  13. With this statement, Samantha is technically the “UNOFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE OF THE PHILIPPINES” to Miss GranMadrina International! Charot!

    I feel sorry for Aya Abesamis and Samantha Bernardo who joined twice but never given the opportunity to compete internationally!

    Somehow, the “tsismis” is true! She used her US passport in gaining entry to France because Americans are not required to secure a visa to France. From France, she has to use her Philippine passport to gain entry to Venezuela. It was there when they find out that her Philippine passport was a fraud!

    Truth be told, I think Samantha doesn’t have any intention of becoming a “dual citizen” thus a need to secure a fixer for a Philippine passport. I believe she only wanted to become a beauty queen in the Philippines where her chances of winning is higher than becoming a beauty queen in the United States. And when all this is over, she will just ditch her Philippine passport like a piece of shit!

    Maureen Montagne was able to compete both in the United States and the Philippines thus I don’t see any reason why securing one is such a complicated process for Samantha. Her father was “Filipino-Chinese” and her mother is “Cuban-Nicaraguan”, citizen of countries who dream the “American Dream.”

    Samantha could have been deported in the United States because she arrived in Paris as American and having a fraudulent Philippine passport is not obligatory for Filipino diplomat to assist one but they still did!

    Edwin Uy also mentioned that Samantha went to DFA after she was deported but didn’t elaborate further what the visit is all about. Although based on consequences, it would most likely be to rectify the issue. It took me one month before my 10-year E-passport was released and most likely while Samantha is waiting for the release of her E-passport, she might as well use her American passport for the meantime while competing for Miss GranMadrina! Whether she will win or not on that competition by the time it’s over and by the time she returned to the Philippines, her E-passport would be ready!

    When the dust settled,

    1 – I hope Samantha will not be blocklisted in Schengen countries

    2 – Her US passport will not be revoked.

    3 – She will not be flagged at the US immigration

    4 – She be able to answer “falsification of public document” that is surely be served to her

    5 – If she win MGI though as an “unofficial Miss Philippines”, she will not be dethroned

    At this, time BPCI should be checking the authenticity of Philippine passport of Resham Saeed prior to her competition to Miss Supranational.

    Sa mga mata pobre Pinoy na ipinanganak sa ibang bansa o nakakuha ng pasaporte ng ibang bansa, huwag niyo maliitin ang Philippine passport at baka sa huli yan pa ang magsalba sa inyo!

    • Naalala or nabalitaan niyo ba yung incident last year between Teresa of MGI and Puteri Indonesia? Yung statement na “Ariska belong to us …. you agree to pay kemerut kempet shorvalu”. Kung hindi niyo na-gets ok lang!

    • Hi Claire. Ang dami FIL Chinese na naka acr pa sa Pinas. Sam dad might still be paying his acr to stay in philippines therefore if dual citizen dad nya he might be holding China US. That’s why Sam cannot get a ph passport. China passport baka makakuha si sam

      • Honestly, hindi ko alam kung paano din naging Pinoy yung tatay niya. I got the information from Rappler regarding Samantha’s background.

        Kasi diba pag sinabing Filipino-Chinese, either isa siyang Chinese citizen na nakapangasawa ng Pinay such as the case of Henry Sy or John Gokongwei then nakapag-integrate sa Filipinas then eventually after residency requirement of 10 years naging naturalized Filipino citizen na.

        Or the other route, such as what happen in January 2019, the Philippine Congress grant Filipino citizenship even if they don’t have the required residency duration or Filipino blood to the following people because of their contribution to the Philippines,

        Kitshon Soriano Kho (Chinese)
        Hans Guenter Schoof (German)
        Mohamed Wassim (Syrian)
        Margarita Ortigas (Spanish)

        In the case of Samantha, let’s just give her the “benefit of the doubt” na baka yung lolo niya on his father side is Pinoy. Some says that they just arrive in the Philippines in 2015 which is still 6 years short for the residency requirement kaya seguro naka Alien Certificate of Registration pa si Papito & Mamita!

      • John Gokungwei… is only Chinese in ancestry… but he is Filipino born hence, by Jus Soli, he is Filipino.. same w/ Samantha Lo’s dad… hence, by Jus Sanguinis… Samantha Lo is Filipino.

      • @claire yes if they chose to have the ph citizenship. All my uncles are born here in PH. They are still paying their acr yearly. It’s their choice not to have fili citizenship. Im concluding her dad might have us and Chinese. Dual is allowed but triple hindi.
        If may enough time pwd magbawas ng citizenship her dad to get the fil if he was born here but baka wala silang time hence the fixer came

      • Sorry my last remark is for closer. Sana manalo sya and Kaya pa ayusin ang papel if question pagiging pinay nya. If her dad was born here Kaya talaga ayusin but he need to bump one of his citizenship

    • Since the MGI org accepted her to compete with Philippine sash, I don’t think that she can be classified as an ‘unofficial Miss Philippines’ … I can’t imagine though what the other contestants are saying behind her back or how they are reacting to this .. are there going to protests if she wins …

      • Ang basis ko kasi kung ano ang “official” versus “unofficial” is kung sino yung may hawak ng franchise.

        BPCI holds the franchise of MGI so they are the one who are paying the “franchise fee” and they are the one who signed the contract with MGI to select who should be the rightful Philippine representative to their pageant which we don’t know yet when will be the expiration date.

        UNLESS …….

        Totoo yung sinabi ng Global Beauties na kinansel ng MGI ang franchise ng Philippines nung time na walang dumating sa Presentation of Candidates. Then if that is the case Samantha was technically selected by MGI itself thus on her statement “To Miss Grand International who has welcomed me with open arms, you are an amazing organization…..”

        But you know the repercussion of this type of action,

        Kung si MJ Lastimosa na jombag ni SMA dahil lang sa gown, ano pa kaya yung umaksyon ng nakatalikod siya?

      • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson …. which INDICATES BPCI has NOT (yet) renewed, if MGI UNILATERALLY cancelled, as per (your) GB account. So, SAL’s participation now is ENTIRELY Angkol’s discretion?

    • daming hanash..gawan mu na kaya ng thesis..much ado about nothing really..a discourse based chiefly on speculations..not facts.

  14. Mga content ni tito norms lately for the lack of better term gawang tamad.. grab someone’s pic.grab someone’s post. And then that’s it, blog entry. Ni walang pov nya. Either busy sya, tinatamad, or.hjndi siya ang nag uupdate ng blog nya. Malamang alam na nating lahat tong statement ng bpci.sayang ang traffic sa site.

    • I agree.
      More on copy paste na lang siya or share share para lang may mai-post

  15. Mga content ni tito norms lately for the lack of better term gawang tamad.. grab someone’s pic.grab someone’s post. And then that’s it, blog entry. Ni walang pov nya. Either busy sya, tinatamad, or.hjndi siya ang nag uupdate ng blog nya. Malamang alam na nating lahat tong statement ng bpci.sayang ang traffic sa site.

  16. Dami kuda ng mga haters. If I know super abangers din naman sila pagdating ng pageant night. LOL.

    World peace 🙂

  17. If she does not win MGI , even if she gets second runner up , I think BPCI will take the MGIPhilippines away from her and all the prizes that go with it and give it to Aya Abesamis.

    IF ON THE OTHER HAND SHE WINS MGI or wins 1st ru as an alternate to the winner , then BPCI is in a pickle !!! how do you prepare for something like this situation ? there is a first time for everything …

  18. Haynaku naglipana na naman ang mga baklang negatron dito na obvious namang putak ng putak dahil bitter lang naman na hindi nakakuha ng korona ang mga manok nila. Kaya ayaw talaga as in ayaw suportahan ng mga bacteria na baklang twooh ang representative ng Pilipinas basta hindi katas ng kampo nila. Pa-English English pa eh talangka sa squatters area pa rin naman ang mentality. Tse!!! Wag nyong karirin ang inggit kay Samantha Lo dahil hanggang next year pa kayo iiyak. 🤪🤪🤪

  19. Nawat likes drama, controversy and attention! His goal is to make MGI known in every corner of the universe as the most over-powering and prestigious beauty pageant ever. It doesn’t matter how he achieves this big insanity be it in a positive or negative way. If he is smart enough, I’m sure NOW is the perfect time to crown Philippines. Samantha is beautiful, smart and a great speaker that can be a worthy winner! The only thing that might give him a second thought to do this is his intense hatred for filipino fans who are at war with him and of course his undeniable jealousy towards our great achievements in the world of pageantry. Denying us of this title will surely boost his morale knowing there is STILL something missing in our resume. So, if Samantha didn’t make it, I truly believe this is the very reason of her failure. Or, maybe Nawat only wants to unleash his sweet revenge on us. Samantha missing some of the major pageant activities and still welcomed with open arms made me doubt his “kindness”. He is playful and we should be ready for his scheme. This guy should never be trusted after all.

  20. I knew it. that’s why they are quiet. May something.

    I saw a post before that Aya is the new MGI. pero nawala din.

    Grounds ito for dethronement. nakakaloka. may something nga talaga si Sam. lalo na nung napanuod ko ung video clip na humihingi ng pasensya kasi makulit ang pageant fans sa Pinas. nakakaloka.

    1. Fake nga ang passport – Umamin naman pala, na sa fixer sila nag pagawa ng passport. so in short, hindi pa kumpleto ang residency niya dito. ayaw i give up ang US citizenship? hmm maybe. Di ba part ng requirement ang PH passport sa application? That alone is enough reason for her to be dethroned. sabi ko nga di ba, Aya should’ve been crowned.

    2. Eh may ginawa naman pala ang BPCI. saka i highly doubt na may kakulangan ang BPCI. to think 50+ years na sila? ngayon lang nagka aberya. para naman silang baguhan kung magkaka aberya sila ng ganyan.

    3. Walang blessing ang pag punta ni Sam sa Venezuela – kasi nga feeling ko she will be dethroned. pero inunahan ni Sam pumunta ng Venezuela. Kaya nga di ba, wala man lang banggit ng BBP sa post niya? Even the hashtag ng BBP hindi niya ginamit. nakakaloka.

    4. Oh di ba, hindi na dapat mag rerelease ng statement is BPCI. parang sige kami na ang masama bahala kayo jan. pero dahil sa statement ni Sam, ayan. na trigger sila. Naloka ang lahat sa bigla niyang pag sulpot. pati BPCI naloka.

    5. People were asking Jonas regarding the issue. He said na he’s not part of the Aces and Queens anymore. Pero.. todo post pa rin ng photos ng mga tiga Aces. parang weird lang.

    6. Edwin Uy posted sa fb niya dun sa nangyari sa NatCos na hindi ung bagong gawa/designed ang isusuot niya. I believe recycled costume ang isusuot niya So in short….. gumalaw siya mag isa, walang blessing ng BPCI. nakakaloka. NAKAKALOKA.

    7. I wonder what will happen next pag uwi ni Sam dito. Feeling ko she will be dethroned. pero mas pasavogue kung ngayon siya i ddethrone. CHAROT.

    8. Will BBP going to post anything about Sam? Considering na nagawa niyang i bypass ang ORG at sisihin pa sila sa “mali” kuno nila?

    • Sam is perfect for MGI. No integrity and wala sa lugar na “palaban” attitude. Angkol and Sam are perfect.

  21. So is this an admission that BPCI is not responsible for sending Samantha Lo AGAIN to Venezuela, and that it is indeed her resolute and unperturbed determination with the help of family and friends to push through with her mission to compete despite the lack of support from her local organization which eventually got her there? She did not specify that in her social media posts, but this BPCI official statement in indirectly making that pronouncement.

    Clearly Samantha is determined to compete and win the crown despite the overwhelming adversity and frustrations along the way. Whatever the outcome may be, she has already proven her quite indomitable spirit befitting a true queen. We just have to give her props for that. Now let her continue her quest for our country’s very first Miss Grand International crown with our wholehearted support, or at the very least let her do so in peace. People should cease and desist being judgmental with all the sickening bitching and bashing already – more so if they are not of any help whatsoever apart from just being mere spectators.

    • You didn’t get the point no?

      They were not responsible sa pag punta ni Sam. KASI NGA.. HINDI NAKIPAG USAP SI SAM AND HINDI NA DAPAT SIYA PUPUNTA BECAUSE OF HER FAKE PASSPORT. dapat nga dethroned na siya.

      Samantha is determined. but not really in a good way na i bypass mo yung org at pumunta ka dun ng hindi nila alam. if hindi mo nabasa.. hindi nila ma contact si Sam at nagulat na lang sila na nasa Venezuela na. Gets mo?

      Give her props for being determined. Yes. but sana sumusunod sa mga tamang hakbang.

      • @ MsManila

        Exactly my point. By stating that BPCI could not contact Samantha these past few days and only found out about it through social media, it is clearly implied that they did not give any support to her pushing through with her journey to Venezuela which must have been apparently discussed during their meeting. Dethroned kaagad? What’s her crime – getting a fixer which is not a criminal act hereabouts the last time I checked? You must be so preoccupied with all your derisive blabbering reeking of negativity kaya hindi mo naintindihan at na-gets yun. Have a nice day too. Goodbye.

      • LOL! Di nga nag-rereply, paano mo tutulungan? Secondly, may kasalanan si ate gurl. Nameke ng passport. Matagal na palang may passport issue si ateng. She actually deprived Aya and Samantha B of the chance to represent PHL internationally. Di marunong sumunod sa rules si ate gurl. Deserve talaga niya ang MGI crown. #AhasAndKweens

      • dethronement – submitted fake passport. hello? Falsification of documents. 🙂

      • Ako talaga ang “”reeking of negativity”? where in fact, nameke sila ng passport just to be able to join.


        OKAY KA LANG???LOL

      • @TaengManila

        Bakla, ang puso mo! Hindi ka ba makaintindi sa sinabing hindi krimen ang kumuha ng fixer? FYI maraming legal documents ang expedited ng fixer na gumagamit ng connections sa loob ng sistema. Hindi ba pwedeng nagahol lang sa panahon si Samantha Lo kaya kumuha ng passport fixer? Ang kailangang patunayan ay fully aware si Samantha na peke ang passport niya pero ginamit pa rin niya. That will take time and time is of the essence sa urgency ng pag-compete sa MGI. Hindi sapat na dahilan yung gumamit siya ng fixer para ma-dethrone siya. Kaya wag kang atat na atat diyan! Baklang twooh! Tse!

      • WHAT DO YOU MEAN NAGAHOL? since the time of her crowning, ganon katagal nagahol teh? HAHAHA ilang buwan nagahol???? pero may video ng stop the war? HAHA di inuna ang passport?

        The fact na nag submit siya ng pekeng document/s labag na un sa panuntunan ng pagiging binibini. tse.

  22. May saltik talaga sa ugali etong si Sam. She truly deserves to win MGI. Walang integrity. Ewwww!

    • “she’s not invited to our pizza party” then posts selfie with Thailand. HAHAHAHA

      • Filipina queens play the game with integrity. Malakas ang Latina blood kay Sam.

    • Basurang baklang twooh! As the UPV Skimmers would say, “Throw out this trash!”

  23. So BPCI was also surprised of Sam Lo’s sudden showing in Venezuela? Oh my. The plot thickens indeed. I wonder how this affects her status as MGI-Philippines; let alone her representation status in MGI.

    • In fairness na nga di ba? di na nga sana mag lalabas ng statement si BPCI. eh natrigger sa post ng lola niyo na naninisi pa. hindi man lang binanggit na may tulong naman pala ang BPCI. kakaloka

  24. SAL simply had the misfortune of bad timing, when her home country imposed travel restrictions to a country that the whimsical owner of the pageant she was assigned to happened to choose for this year. STRESS-HASSLE. indeed. But it is now all water under the bridge. Enjoy Caracas. 🙂

    Why the fixer? Did SAL, her family, or her handlers even bother to approach BPCI IN THE FIRST PLACE to ask for their help in expediting her “special case”? Kaya pala nila makausap si USec. para maka-intervene, bakit ngayon lang?!!

    And then it hit me – what if SAL and Rae switched? SAL was instead sent to Poland and Rae to Venezuela? Would a Canadian passport have presented less complications getting to Simon Bolivar?

      • @ Cool Brew Taken. But…., why in Venus Raj’s case, BPCI immediately knew….? Why the delay in SAL’s case?

      • In Venus Raj’s case wala pa siya passport noon due to birth cert issues…so tinulungan siya ng DFA don…In Samantha Lo’s case, she has a passport but it is a fake passport acquired through a fixer. Niloko nya BPCI pretending to have a valid PH passport. DFA said she has no records in their database which means she was never issued one. Nagpatulong na lang sana sya sa DFA kung wala pa siya passport mabilis lang yan unless hindi tama papeles nya kaya hindi sya mabigyan ng passport. For all we know she is an American citizen only not a Filipino she claims to be.

  25. It’s all Sam’s fault . Everything happened because of the fake passport .Why hire a fixer to get a passport ? Does she think she’s too impt to wait in line for it ? Or is she’s simply that stupid ?
    And she has the gal to throw shade at the BPCI. The chip on her shoulder will be her undoing .
    I hope she wins . Maybe this will make her nicer.

    • Remember what happened to Venus Raj? dethroned unless maka kuha siya nga PH Passport.

      feeling ko may something kaya di sila dumaan sa legal na paraan. lol

  26. I retract everything I posted in a previous post that Samantha’s travel problems involved a transit visa as opposed to a passport issue. However, if Samantha used her Philippine passport in Paris, where it was found to have been tampered with, she would’ve still needed an Airport Transit Visa, which is what Sam said in her statement. So I guess her travel issues involved both passport & visa—? Both problems are quite serious.

  27. anung stop the war ang MGI na yan
    eh away away naman BPCI and Sam Lo camp

    hindi na lang nanahimik muna at tinapos ang contest tapos saka na lang
    nagkudaan at warlahan

    pakagulo nyo sana sa Barangay na lang kayo nagpadala kandidata

    mga bakla kayo

    • I believe may terms dun sa pinirmahan nilang application form na lahat ng sinubmit nilang papeles/ID whatsoever are true and authentic.

    • For me, I don’t see how BPCI would have any way of verifying a passport’s authenticity. They are not a government agency with that kind of authority. In the end, I think it’s still Samantha & her family’s responsibility to ensure that her documents were valid. I can’t believe they resorted to a fixer. Now Samantha was subjected to the humiliation of detention, which could’ve been avoided had she gone through the proper processes
      of obtaining a passport. It seems to me that Sam is putting the blame on BPCI, but I think she & her family also bear accountability for hiring a fixer in the first place. I hope the fixer will be exposed as well. Well, I guess the show must go on. I credit Samantha for her go-for-broke compete-or-die attitude even in the middle of these circumstances that are bonkers AF.

    • Jasmine, tanga agad? Hindi ba responsibildad mo as contestant to have a PH passport. It your responsiblity as a constestant. Alam ba natin ang story behind the official statement of BPCI. Kung alam mong gumamit ka ng fixer, hindi ba sumagi sa isip mo na something is wrong? Jasmine huwag agad mag judge, kasi baka at the end, ikaw Jamine ang sabihin ng bobo at kainin mo sinabi mo. Like what Pia said, think before you click. Before clikcing bobo si ganyan or ganito….be objective

  28. Shouldn’t she be dethroned? Fake passport is grounds for losing her crown. She lied or misrepresented herself . She should have known better. Why is she still competing ?

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