7 comments on “Departing Soon: Katrina Llegado for Reina Hispanoamericana 2019

  1. Bolivia is another country rocked by violent unrest lately. I hope the organizers will ensure the candidates’ safety.

  2. Is it true that SMA herself has taken on the responsibility of tutoring Katrina in basic Spanish, like memorize common Spanish phrases like “donde esta el CR” or “tengo hambre ahora”???

    • Since she’ll be in Bolivia she can memorize useful phrases like “cuanto por la llama” — very useful when she goes out shopping in the village market when trying to buy Bolivia’s national animal…

  3. What can I say? Buena swerte, Katrina. Dios te Bendiga! A regional pageantry may appear small for your multi-dimensional beauty, but who knows if you could be the one to bring this franchise to all corners of the world.

  4. Parang pinagsamang Ariela Arida and Nicole Cordovez…

    Sana Kasing galing magpasarela ni Ariela Arida and kasing galing magsalita ni Nicole Cordovez..


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