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  1. “I have come here not only as the candidate from the Philippines but as the voice of those who have faced similar situations like mine, the voice of those who have been abandoned of opportunity and pressured to remain silent.” Piercing truths from one who has experienced first hand how immigration policies can be weaponized against a group of people to maintain the unjust world socio-economic order. In the context of this pageant’s stop-the-war slogan, isn’t the white supremacy’s anti-immigration and racial segregation policies the triggers to Jewish halocaust that ignited World War 2? Today, the same issues of anti-immigration, racial discrimination, and refugee displacement threathen this world that does not seem to learn lessons from history. But I’m sure these are issues MGI will avoid touching for business convenience. But why put up a potentially controversial advocacy in the first place?

  2. mga bakla ang toxic nyo
    dami nyo haka haka sa naganap

    andun na si Samantha lumalaban na para sa bansa

    bumoto ako
    nag like ako
    sumuporta ako

    kesehodang hindi sya manalo
    sa pinagdaanan nya at sa ginawa nya para makahabol lang duon eh panalo na siya
    kahit hindi sya manalo
    ginawa ko pa rin part ko bilang pageant fan
    sumuporta ako sa kandidata naten na may sash na Felepens

    magsipagligo kayo para mahimasmasan naman kayo

  3. Nice that she made it safe! I will probably be bashed by her fans for saying this, but her toes look awkward if you look closely 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Why do some Filipinos or pageant fans demand/expect perfection from their beauty queens? Too much nitpicking. One told Jonas to have Patch’s chin fixed before the pageant. Nobody has a perfect body or face. These beauty pageant contestants have so much pressure to look perfect. They do try but there’s a limit to it. Sam is born with those toes that you think look awkward. It’s such a minor detail. There’s not much you can do with what you’re born with. Just make sure to spread positivity and love wherever you go even in this blog. Ask yourself is your life is pointing to Christ who commanded us to love one another.

  4. Ano ba talaga?!! Fake Philippines passport (as per that Manila Bulletin Online account, hers was issued to a man), or simply the absence of a French transit VISA? Anyway, ALL THE BEST, Lo. 🙂

    • Flor, if you are Philippine-based, call the pageant people’s congress to investigate “in aid of legislation”! Lol.

  5. I am happy that Sam made it to Venezuela! That I can assure you!

    The million dollar question now is, HOW??????

    Ang usapan sa kabilang parlor eto,

    On her first journey to Venezuela via France, American passport ang ginamit niya. Nagkabukingan daw ng fake passport pag dating sa France dahil sa Philippine PP niya nakatatak ang Venezuelan visa. Kung at the very start daw Philippine PP ang pinakita niya sa Philippine immigration, right there and then offload na siya ng plane and hindi na siya makakatapak pa ng France kasi nga alam na dapat na may transit visa siya papunta dun!

    Then came the Edwin Uy (fashion designer) statement na “She might have been a victim of fraud fixer” kaya medio nagulantang ang sankabaklaan kasi bakit kailangan gumamit ng fixer for a passport eh kailangan ng personal appearance para sa biometrics sa DFA. Then nasundan pa ng news from ABS-CBN na walang record sa DFA ang Samantha Ashley Lo and the fact na yung passport na bitbit niya was issued to a “Man” kaya lumabas yung issue ng transgender.

    Of course, na-question din na paano siya nakasali ng Binibini kung fake passport niya? Na ang higpit-higpit daw ng BPCI for nude photos pero mag-double check ng authenticity ng passport eh nalusutan sila. Then came yung statement niya na “my local organizer failed to equip me with the proper transit visa” and the deafening silence of BPCI regarding the issue. And if you will check the FB and IG page of Binibini walang Samantha Lo!

    There must have been some truth regarding the passport issue kasi it’s as if naisahan ni Sam ang Binibining Pilipinas kaya until now BPCI is silent over the matter. Di ba dapat masaya sila that she was able to make it in the competition?

    Statement din ni Sam “To Miss Grand International who has welcomed me with open arms, you are an amazing organization…” it’s like she’s competing on her own without the support of BPCI.

    Going back kung paano siya nakarating ng Venezuela this time? Usapan naman sa kabilang canto na American PP ang gamit niya na after her return, she might have applied for a Venezuelan visa and this time via Florida na yung flight na shorter yung flight hours. Which brings to the question na eh bakit hindi na lang yon ang kinuha niyang flight during her first flight to Venezuela? Alam naman ng lahat yung existing US embargo to Venezuela. And kung American PP yung gamit niya darating siya sa Venezuela as American citizen.

    And kung nung first flight niya eh American PP ang ginamit niya at paalis ng America, Philippine PP na ang gamit niya at ito ay fake puede siya ma-detain din ng US immigration at baka ma-cancel pa pati American passport niya dahil magiging shady na yung purpose or intention.


    • Fake talaga siya… gumawa ng sariling storya para pag usapan… juzkodai… kung talo ito.. ano na naman kayang gagawin niya? unfollow MGI? lol

    • In her post, Sam explicitly stated that she did not have the “proper transit visa.” So this story about her being in possession of a fake passport is … speculation which has already been refuted by Sam’s statement that her travel problems were visa-related, NOT passport-related.

      FYI, the Philippines is the only ASEAN country whose citizens are required to acquire an airport transit visa (ATV) if flying from outside the Schengen zone via a French airport on the way to another country outside the Schengen zone. The other countries in Asia whose citizens are required to apply for an ATV are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. This is required of Filipino passport holders even if you will only be staying in the air side of the airport–which is to say, you will disembark from one plane & walk to another gate to board another plane. I have no idea why France lumps our passport with countries & economies like the ones mentioned above (again, we are the only ASEAN country required to get ATVs). Our economy was the 2nd fastest growing in Asia for many years under the previous administration (it has, unfortunately slowed down in the current administration). Even Japan, whose economy is far bigger than France’s, has eased their visa regulations to attract the Philippines’ growing middle-classes.

      So, based on the Sam’s statement herself, I believe her travel woes were due to the fact that she didn’t have an ATV to transit through France. She was detained at the airport & then deported back to the Philippines even though she had onward tickets to Caracas. Please stop with the fake passport stories that imply that Sam participated in forging official documents. These stories make her look like someone who participated in illegal activities, rather than a victim of insufficient travel arrangements & stupid / irrational visa requirements.

      If you want more information on the ATV, here’s a link you can read: https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en_US/web/france-visas/airport-transit-visa

      • This is correct. Why the Philippines is lumped up with Asian economic tailenders on this issue is an affront to national sensibility. I know this is related to the European fear of illegal immigration, offshoot of that pestering scourge of racial exclusiveness. But other Asian countries like India and many African countries have obtained exemption from ATVs. Why the Philippine government has not had bilateral talks on this with the French government to this day is beyond me.

    • Sa lahat ng mga chika dito sa thread na ito. IKAW lang ang may sense…hinimay mo ang points at may sense so Salamat ClaiRe IbbeTson


    • I am #TeamBBP here. for more than 50 years, i doubt na magkululang sila. ANO SILA? BAGUHAN? May something talaga and they admitted naman na fixer galing ang passport niya. that is enough ground for dethronement.

  6. This thing had puzzled me knowing BPCI readiness for the required documents I don’t think BPCI will do such mistakes in the first place one of the requirements prior to enter the binibini is the passport I think there is a gimmick that Nawat and BPCI had done to enhance the publicity of MGI for them to gain pinoy support because pinoy is the largest social media user and can attract followers and bashers

  7. ang toxic nyo mga bakla

    matuwa na lang kayo andun na si Ate Samantha
    lumalaban para sa bansa

  8. Sam Lo’s remarkable unyielding spirt, incredible persistence despite the odds, and extraordinary calmness in the midst of immigration quagmire in transit countries en route to Venezuela is the stuff winners are made of. This demonstrated ability to surmount an exruciating turbulent road to the crown is the most eloquent message any contestant can deliver to this stop-the-war themed pageant, more powerful than the short speeches and paeans to MGI’s mantra. She may have come late. But her presence now in the pageant venue with a backdrop of a real war resonates to the whole world that the turbulent road to the prized peace lies in each and everyone’s heart—iron-clad courage, determination and persistency, and cool confident demeanor that the goal destination should, could and would be reached. Lo and behold—the 2019 MGI, Samantha Ashley Lo!

  9. so this is all staged…as i wrote before, lulutang si sam just in time to give her enuf participation to justify her eventual crowning..what a road to the crown indeed…leaving to dust any one else’s pageant journey..a brilliant backstory the suspense and drama of it all upstaging last year’s twist of having clara feign a collapse on cue..hewww

  10. I can’t imagine the ordeal that she had to go through before reaching Venezuela. Winning the crown won’t undo nor delete her bad experience. But her true success is how she braved all the odds and rose above all the tests sans help of local organization that sent her off weeks ago. Mabuhay ka Sam Lo!🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  11. @ Garga Are you referring to vlogger Sam Brusas? Yeah, LOVE him, too.

    @ AJ Yep, plastikan na! Ihanda na ang paglalagyan ng leftover pizza. #TeamTupperware versus #TeamOrocan (credits to BKSoP).


    • Yes Furla! Sya lang talaga. I am dissapointed with Titas Pageantry, she tried to be objective but failed to show hope and positivity.

  12. Wala akong problema kung sakali mananalo si Samantha L bilang bagong MGI 2019 pero may tsansang ilang kandidata ay hindi masaya sa pagdating niya at sana walang dramahan sa final show ngayong Sabado ng umaga.

  13. Now this is GRAND pageant drama! News about Samantha and the MGI was the talk of the pageant world for a few days, admit it! There were rumors of poor Samantha being deported, disqualified! SUDDENLY she’s ARRIVED in Venezuela! And Samantha’s grand late arrival has eclipsed all the other arrivals! This is what Nawat loves!

    • Methinks Nawat has already chosen the most appropriate candidate for the crown who will generate much needed positive publicity and mileage for his pageant – and she happens to be deserving as well so he doesn’t have to resort to his usual fame whoring antics. If she doesn’t happen to be our very own Samantha Lo, I don’t know who is.

  14. She could’ve taken the high road and not point fingers. A simple there was a mishap with my travel arrangements but I’m here now and ready to compete would’ve been ok, IMO.

    • And your opinion is absolutely correct. I understand her trauma is still raw & perhaps she’s feeling that her ordeal was unnecessary had the local organizers taken care of her travel arrangements properly. All I can say is that visa problems is something that all Filipinos dread. And to be detained & treated as a criminal—as less than human—for simply passing through an airport is a nightmare & an assault on your dignity that I would never wish on anyone. I feel her trauma, secondhand, as a Filipino.

      But, yes, she should’ve taken the high road & perhaps this is an aspect of beauty queen training that our beauty camps have neglected—how to publicly address controversy in a graceful way.

      Samantha is definitely a fighter. I love that about her. I hope she will now channel her fighting spirit into the competition proper & not at the ones who contributed to her ordeal & then left her to fend for herself, as she sees it (the organization perhaps might have a different account).


    • Bakit sampal lang? Sige gawin mo at support kita. Ugali na yan ng mga mal-edukadong tao, bakla man or straight, ang gumawa at mag-imbento ng kung ano-anong kwento kahit walang basehan. Ang masakit, yung kawawang Sam Lo na dumaan na mga sa di magandang travel experience eh sinabihan pa ng masasakit na paratang at komento. Ayyyyy buhay!

      • Thank you teh. Kakadissapoint young missosology Hindi man lang dinelete yung conversation subject na si Samantha Lo dating lalaki at she must apologize to Filipino people. Missosology be responsible naman. Sorry Tito Norm I just want to vent… Gusto ko kayong sabunutan at magsalita ng masasamang words. Mga video bloggers na feelingera maka judge. Bwisit. Infairness one of the fair bloggers is the bald guy who really believe in Sam na lalabam. I forgot. Ur name but u deserved a shout out.

    • I agree with you. But I doubt it. Ever since Pia’s ‘ Think before you click.’ famous answer, natuto ba ang maraming Pinoy dun? Hinde. Because a lot of us are really just hard-headed and difficult to discipline. It will take a generation to completely instill another set of good values in us.

      I admire SamLo so much for what she said about people who are easy to believe on unconfirmed reports and spreading fake news like wildfire. Somebody amongst the admired beauty queens has to step up and slap these people with the truth – that they need to ‘think before they click.’ and not succumb to temptation just because we have smartphones at hand and it’s so easy to post and repost.

      Look at her, that discipline to have kept everything private until she arrived in Venezuela safe and sound. That belief of not involving the public unnecessarily – very admirable. SamLo was right in her mind – not giving fuel to these people who are so gullible and helpless on ‘tsismis’ and ‘tsismisan.’

      Time to ponder on yourselves, people. Medyo mahiya-hiya tayo ng konti. Hinde porke’t fans tayo, we always have the right to demand and demand for information. We have to learn to hold our horses at times and take the higher road of being kind and understanding, disciplined and empathetic.

      Good luck Sam! Bring that MGI crown home.

      • Sam also is in the same boat as “think before you click”. Stupid & bullshit.. nakalimutan niyo na ba? lol

  16. You just have to give Samantha Lo due credit for her perseverance and resilience – the stuff that true queens are made of underneath all that fluff! Bravo, Sam! Regardless of what your pesky inconsequential bashers and detractors have to say, you deserve our unwavering support as you brandish the Philippine sash in your quest for the country’s very first Miss Grand International crown notwithstanding its supposed notoriety.

    On a side note, is she alluding to Aces & Queens for the epic fail in securing the prerequisite transit visa while in France? The same group that flubbed big time the BWAP video of Katarina Rodriguez in Miss World 2018? Those are serious allegations that indeed need to be addressed the soonest.

    At any rate, the show must indeed go on! God bless and the best of luck, Sam!

  17. good sign >? ! …? !!! I cannot decide now but … she just might get the work done , excited about how all this will end for Philippines , and for her of course … MGI crown # 1 in the horizon !!!

  18. Sam Lo is a war freak
    She’s supposed to build bridges not burn them
    She does not deserve to be MGI

    I was a fan .. not anymore
    This is not gonna change even if she brings home the crown

    There’s a reason Pia and Cat won MU … Sam doesn’t even have a speck of that

    • You just don’t like her, period. If I had been in her shoes, training for months only to be almost stifled at the last minute, I would have had a far less civil outburst for sure.

  19. Sam finally is in Venezuela ! Thank, God she is safe and sound ! The best of luck to you, Samantha ! BPCI needs a lot of explaining to do and please spill the beans and justify your lack of actions or “inactions” if need be 😦

  20. Yes, f—king France is one of the EU states that requires Filipinos to have a transit visa even if you’re just transiting through the airside of one of their airports. That’s how little they think of our passport that they make us pay thousands of pesos for a visa to pass through their airports from one plane to another, even if you have no intention of stepping onto French soil. Whoever made Samantha’s travel arrangements was negligent in not taking care of this. The airport staff at NAIA who checked in Samantha should’ve noted this as well. Poor Samantha for having to undergo this humiliating trauma & good for her, for not giving up, for still fighting to bring honor to the country.

    As for the rumors that Samantha had a fake passport, that she’s transgender (nothing wrong with being transgender!!!) … well this is exactly the kind of baseless gossip that frustrated Samantha prior to her initial departure. I know she should’ve just ignored it or addressed it in a more diplomatic way, but I do understand her frustration.

  21. Remember Sam Lo’s post that “something is brewing and it’s not our tea?” Read between the lines guys. That is all for the show!

    Pag may problema sa passport, hindi ganun kadali yan maayos. Kahit gobyerno ka pa, that will take 1 to 2 weeks bago maayos.

    Grand entrance indeed.

  22. pak! naikilos parin…too bad at lulutuin lang yan ni Nawat. I drop na kc and pageant nato. napaka toxic ng pageant nato. Not to mention yung owner na ewan ko ba

  23. Oh, Sam Lo!

    Sam’s journey to Venezuela has been a roller-coaster ride indeed. Her update validates the story about her passport problem and her detention in Paris. What she had gone through is very distressing, but she and her family remained firm. And there she is! I believe Nawat is jumping up the hill and on his feet now that Sam has made in his pageant. And who knows, Nawat may give her the best price so his pageant may still be relevant in the circle of sashes and tiaras and our nation will talk more about MGI than the Baretto sisters’ cheap war! I know Sam is deserving of a crown, but the whole incident gives MGI a greedy advantage.

    Anyway, what caught me by Sam’s statement is her local organizer’s failure to equip her with a transit visa and to get her out of detention and bring her safely back home. This is so strong in that it puts BPCI in hot water and at the same time makes Sam a prodigal to the organization’s ward. I am smelling a rift between the two, unless the MGI’s “anti-war” campaign prevails over them.

    Good luck, Sam.

    • For so many months, everybody agonized about her styling, interview skills and all physical and psychological preparations, but no one seemed to have thought earlier enough about remedial measures to counter the real difficulty, if not impossibility, of entering Venezuela with her passport. Let this be an eye-opener to everyone: when we say we take pageants seriously in the Philipiines, it includes the strict scrutiny of travel arrangements.

    • For so many months, everybody agonized about her styling, interview skills and all physical and psychological preparations, but no one seemed to have thought earlier enough about remedial measures to counter the real difficulty, if not impossibility, of entering Venezuela with her passport. Let this be an eye-opener to everyone: when we say we take pageants seriously in the Philipiines, it includes the strict scrutiny of travel arrangements.

      • You are on point on that aspect, Scorg.

        BPCI should have not relaxed on this mundane thing before their queens get polished on pasarela and all, so that nothing would be wasted before things get over and done. The worst that such a mishandling caused is giving our rep a psychological and emotional backlash. In Sam’s case, the pressure gets doubled before she even sets foot in Venezuela. Thus, I love the girl’s fighting spirit. It only means that she is unstoppable. I wish all these hullabaloo will give her a reward.

        That’s all.

  24. lets move forward and help her win
    give only positive comments
    vote for her

    after all she is representing the Philippines

    Lily Cruz ang peg
    good luck SamLo


  25. The MGI owner and organizers should be very very relieved and extremely grateful to Sam Lo and her Philippine sash of having finally arrived in Venezuela.

    All the best, do well and be safe Sam Lo.

  26. Hmm At first, publicity stunt comes to my mind but when she points to a local organizers that messed up and that did not help her out of detention, BPCI ba sinasabi nya? A&Q? Hmm Mukhang Angkol is ready to crown her na 😀

    • RESPECT.

      One travel delay for a vacation or business trip is stressful.

      I can’t imagine what being denied entry, sent back home, having to pivot with a broken heart and shattered drama amidst the drama only 104,000,000 Filipinos can create, and then head back all over again feels like.

      She’s probably exhausted emotionally and physically. Sleepless nights and not just because of jetlag.

      Sam, for the Philippines and for yourself – there is only one crown to get and you are well on your way – REDEMPTION

  27. O ayan na si Sam Lo, meron syang sariling article. Sabihin nyo na ang gusto nyong sabihin whether good or bad. Hindi yung blog about Leren or Gazini pero ang comments are about Sam Lo. Go ahead now, punuin nyo my comments ang buong blog na ito hangga’t kaya nyo. Any language ay welcome!

  28. Lo and behold– Sam Lo! What is an international pageant without the Philippines… While we pageant enthusiasts do not want to resort to blame game, for the sake of our country’s image as the world’s pageant powerhouse, local pageant organizations, beauty camps and handlers should from now on include travel arrangements as part of the to-do list in sending our reps. We are all so fixated on styling, pasarela, wardrobe, skin tone, costumes, interview, etcetera, when the very basic requirements to ensure the ability of our reps to travel to the pageant venue is simply overlooked. Sam’s traumatric experience on the way to the pageant venue is enough to discourage the faint-hearted. Yet Sam persisted and pressed onwards. Yes, in pursuit of the dream crown which she hugely deserves.

    • If only for that remarkable unyielding spirit, Sam Lo easily bests all other contestants. This is the stuff winners are made of. Sam’s demonstrated ability to surmount the turbulent road to the crown is the stuff that will “stop the war”, not the short speeches and paeans to MGI’s mantra.

  29. Thanks for the update titio Norman! So relieved to see her grand arrival in Caracas!! Like what titias of pageantry mentioned in their IG story, spell resilience? It’s S-A-M-L-O! So proud of her for NEVER GIVING UP! Go Sam!

  30. I am glad she arrived safely. Inspite of your traumatic experienced at the airport I do hope you will bring home the crown. I am just wondering who is the local organizers that she is talking about, that it didn’t help her? I hope it is not BPCI.

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