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  1. Its between Philippines and Canada…
    I already know she could easily outperform Canada on the pageant night… therefore it all boils down to the Q&A… I don’t think the audience would mind her not so neutral accent…. but even if Canada has the facility of the language, the girl with the most grace, substance and confidence in delivery would without a doubt hit the homerun! 😉 😉 😉

  2. I think Filipinos are getting too overconfident and very presumptuous. While it is true that our contestant is pretty and all, we should not HYPE her at the expense of putting down other candidates and maligning the organization itself. Ang yayabang natin kaya tuloy we end up puting our candidates, whom we are supposed to support, in a difficult situation. Support lang but give some respect to others as well sana 👌

  3. And MG “will be on fire” too if they waste Leren.
    Her beauty is too good for this. I mean, her beauty is above and far beyond from the rest of MG candidates.

  4. Dapat kasi official photos pinopost para di naglakaroon ng false expectations ang mga tontang faneys

  5. given that the host country is Montenegro , one of those exotic European countries , I think they will love the picture perfect exotic looks of Leren and she will win MG 2019 , what say you ? …

  6. Leren will be the next Miss Globe


    malakas laban
    Miss Globe
    Mintercon (back2back)

    plus may chance sa

    wag na umasa
    MSupra – wala pa ulit katulad ni Mutya na pinapadala duon
    ME – Miss Ghana panalo dito
    MW – uhmmm thank you next, sorry honest lang

    • Leren will win kung okay lang sa MG Org na magcrown ng 5 asians in a row since 2015. hahaha

      I had a feeling that Ahtisa will not win MI because 2016, 2017 were asian winners and so she didnt.

  7. Walang Kwenta ang mga GLAM pics na ito

    Hindi yan kasali sa score, kahit magpost po tayo ng 50 glam pics ni Leren, wa pake ang judges sa Miss Globe.

    What we need is UPDATE from the Contest itself, pictures na kinunan sa kung saan sya nagcocompete. hindi mga pictures na kinuha 2 weeks bago sya umalis sa Pinas.

    It does not make sense posting OLD photos of her to HYPE


    • It’s actually true- these glam shots are worthless as they are not used in judging. I don’t get them 😐

  8. Tito Norman, are the studio photos of Leren you recently posted, including these new ones, taken during the Ms Globe competition and among the official competition photos? If based solely on these photos she’s a stunner. But how’s the competition? How does she fare?

    • These sets were taken prior to her departure for Albania and released on scheduled dates. As far as I know, the organizers love Leren. I just hope that everything will align in our favor during the finals.

  9. Maricar Balagtas won Miss Globe in 2001 and Ann Colis in 2015. That would make Leren our third Miss Globe titlist if ever – and most deservedly so!

    • the real #MGI – Miss Globe International is a different pageant. Maricar Balagtas won it in 2001 and Toni Hipolito was proclaimed by Miss Globe International Org as 2016 winner without actual competition. Colis won a different pageant with somewhat the same history.

      • Is that right? Well I just picked it up from pronouncements made by Sashes & Scripts and Philstar, among others.

  10. There is no contest…
    Beauty-wise, she is already the hands down winner… And she does not just rest on her laurels… She got all the goods to win…
    Pageantry: pasarela, presentation, modeling, wardrobe, hair & make-up, advocacy, etc…

    The crown is in the bag and it is hers to lose…

    Leren Mae Magnaye Bautista is
    MISSGLOBE 2019!!!

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