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  1. At this rate, won’t be surprised if MU turned into a reality TV contest in the future.
    Parang ANTM, every week may ma-eliminate na representatives from different countries.
    May judges who will nitpick the ladies.
    May confrontation scenes to add drama.
    May cheesy sound effects & camera zooms to stress the drama.
    Siyempre may text, phone at online voting para extra income sa MU Org 🤑

  2. @ Jed and @ scorg Re MI, may I add three things that come to (my) mind.

    1. The pageant is owned by a legit business entity, the Miss Paris (spa and wellness) Group, as far as I know. Obviously, branding is key, with their titlist as trophy girl to display to VIP clients and business partners. I would not be surprised if it turned out big bosses at the HQ and at Panasonic (a major sponsor and in fact has manufacturing facilities in the Piripins) were blood relations!

    2. No national/country franchising. Obtaining Japan VISA is enough, apparently.

    3. They might (?) get incentives from the Japan government by offering their titlists for culture and tourism promotions (Tokyo Summer Games 2020, maybe).

    I don’t mind the very Japanese flavor of the pageant. It does not get more authentic than that.

    • Flor Thule, these are correct infos. If I may further add, as part of their cultural upbringing, Japanese abroad always see themselves as representatives of the whole nation and acts to bring a positive image to their homeland. Japan’s sense of uniqueness also shows in that despite the modern-day demands to internationalize due to their technological achievements, Japan is one of the most sensitive countries in the world to this phenomenon of internationalization. These are all reflected in MI’s uniqueness as a beauty pageant.

  3. Zappos Theater (formerly Axis) at Planet Hollywood has no headliner event on December 8 so that’s a possibility. I hope it’s Vegas.. already going there Dec 7 regardless so that would be a nice coinkidink 😉

  4. Best bet is Renoe-Tahoe ; Cat and MUSA were both there recently for some publicity tour

    • Reno is a dead city . Nothing’s going on there
      Idk if people will travel there especially during winter time
      So I hope not

    • Ack, that would be a depressing venue if it’s Reno. It would only make sense if MUO wants a winter wonderland theme with the girls rolling in snow… in their bikinis.

    • I think Reno too. Cat and Cheslie both stayed at Harrahs which is right across from the Reno Events Center, which is an arena.

      All the usual Vegas venues (Zappos, TMobile, Mandalay Bay) are dark (I think T-Mobile might have an athletic event on 12/8 but they have shows leading up to 12/8 and after. Not conducive to a week long rehearsal schedule like MUO has as a practice.

      Reno is four hours from the Bay Area so many Pinoys can make the drive up the morning of, attend the telecast at 5, head back at 9 or 10 after a few photo opps and even be home to get to work the next Monday. Unless it snows and we’re all stuck. Or Gazini B2Bs…

      I imagine the venue in Reno will be 40% Pinoys, 25% Mexicans, 10% everyone else, and 25% empty.

      I’ll go if tickets are no more than $250. That’s 10x what Reno is worth.

  5. Reno or Las Vegas NV. By all indications with the very recent trip of Catriona Gray and the reigning Miss USA my best guess is Reno. Reno is just a good 5 hour drive from the largely Filipino enclaves in the San Francisco Bay Area and a two hour trek from Sacramento. So the FilAm support will be there.

  6. Ok si Gazini sa Dubai… or Korea pwede parin…

    Pero USA venue?.. I don’t think her Palestinian lineage would do her any favor…

    • I don’t understand the rational behind this .
      Beauty comm skills and personality are what count the most . Ancestry has nothing to do with it

    • C2F, Maybe in Michigan, in the congressional district of the first Palestinian woman ever elected to US Congress.

      • MW can be in frigid winter weather but MU cannot be in frigid winter weather … at least in Tahoe , it is somewhat tolerable

  7. MU in USA. MI in Tokyo. ME in Philippines. What do these indicate? That it indeed is increasingly difficult for big-budgeted pageantry business to find host venues outside of their base. The global business is struggling to find corporate sponsors and/or cooperative governments who will foot the exorbitant bill. It seems that the charm of their respective current spokesperson does not do the trick. From the marketing viewpoint, it is very obvious that these pageant organizations’ respective brands are not distinct and compelling enough to corporate sponsors and institutional supporters. An advocacy is the currency in pageantry business. It seems that the market value of each pageant’s advocacy is too low to merit the attention of the business world or governments. Pageantry ascriptions to lofty advocacies do not seem to resonate to corporate sponsors who makes investment decisions based on the compatibility of their products’ and services’ branding message to these beauty contests.

    • Hmmmm. All the BIG 4 will be held in their homeland in same year. Isnt the first time right? No Question on MI why always in japan. Isnt they have no budget. It’s obviously they are into promoting their own country and culture. They have a tradition to dress the girls with their own national dress. There are some activities which more suited to do in their own country. The only thing i want them to do is to upgrade the stage yearly. The host should speak english. Hire a good international singer para kahit papano iwas stress sa napakahaba at pagkaboring ng show. Target nila maging unique but do it lively and more fun.

      • Pakitagalog na lang ang buong komento mo mars. Wala namang masama kung gagamitin ang sariling wika. Sakit sa bangz ng Ingles mo.

      • @Jed MI’s annual holding of its contest in Japan can be viewed in the light of its long history of isolation, and its world peace slogan in the light of its pacifist constitution. Japan’s long period of isolation from 1639 to 1853 kept it closed off from much of the world. One offshoot was the rise of cultural touchstones that persist to this day– tea ceremony, haiku poetry, kabuki drama, landscape gardening, bonsai tree cultivation and wood-block prints. This period also gave Japan its sense of uniqueness. In Japan, as among other Asian cultures, the group’s welfare is more important than an individual’s. The Japanese sense of self is defined through its interaction with others and not merely through the force of individual personality. The individual worked for the welfare of the family, the local community, the corporation, and the country. This uniqueness is something Japan is very proud to share to the world. One of such avenues is MI.

  8. Just hope prelims won’t be held in a basic function room like the year Rachel Peters competed. Thailand is/was still the best hosting country in recent years.

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