11 comments on “Leren Mae goes Modern Tribal

  1. She’s competing like she’s in a Miss Universe competition. She’s in a league of her own! Go Leren!

    • Too bad she’s been very supportive of the Philippine candidates in the past in Miss Globe and it was in Canada where Ann Colis won. With this posted video, Leren’s bid is being put in jeopardy. The word of mouth among organizers is powerful. I hope everyone stops being irresponsible on line.

    • This is so sad. A lot of Filipino fans are indeed immature and downright ignorant. NakaKahiya nga talaga 😢

  2. During the Philippine Fashion Week. There should be a day entirely for indigenous fabrics and related designs.

    The Filipinos would embrace it.

  3. Ganda ni Leren… bagay na bagay sa kanya tribal outfit nya. Big check ☑️ and 2 thumbs👍👍 up.

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