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  1. Im not a fan of pops Fernandez beauty yet Patch looks divine w this make up andhair styling. Pito pito is not far fetched. If not a back to back koronita. I’m a fan of patch swan neck and feminine curves not to mention how articulate she is

  2. Miss Earth could be a medical doctor in person of Miss India..and Miss International could be a lawyer in person of Miss Philippines. But but but.. Africa could win both Miss Earth thru Miss Ghana and Miss Inyernational thru several strong candidates from Africa in Miss International this year.I think South Africa placing high last year made Africa think that Miss International is itching to crown it’s first African queen.

    • I think all pageantry organizations are taking a close look at Africa nowadays. The economic landscape points favorably to Africa in the next decade, home to 6 out of 10 fastest rising economies in the world today. Pageantry is a business and I am sure the political economy of beauty pageants augurs well for the African market.

    • @ Batla Speaking of “Africa”, Costa da Marfil’s (?) black angel is ETHEREAL.

      I don’t know exactly which part of the world she hails (from), but if Miss Paris wants a negra titlist this time….

      (I now have an option to the blonde beauties of the UK’s Lane and Perviy of Belarus) 🙂

  3. Beneath that sweet friendly demeanor lies an iron-willed spirit tempered by a superior intellect and a big compassionate heart. Miss International pageant has since its inception been taglined with the world peace and international understanding credo. Now more than ever, this pageant’s message resonates to the world beleaguered by a looming nuclear, cyber, trade and environmental wars. Crowning a beautiful queen who understands peace and peacemaking will give this pageantry’s slogan a fresh vibrant dimension. Patch is the only candidate who can frame the complex geopolitical economic issue in manageable relatable bytes.

      • Well, pageantry is a business. While it is one of the national pastimes in the Philippines (one of the 3 Bs– basketball, boxing and beauty contest), it is a thriving global business. Its currency is advocacy. The worth of this currency to corporate sponsors and institutional supporters depends on the compatibility of the pageant’s message with their products’ and services’ branding message to their customers/ audiences. Without a vibrant advocacy, beauty pageants will be headed to eventual extinction.

  4. The 7th MI crown is in the bag for the Philippines ! Beauty and brains, she will do very well in Tokyo. The best of luck to you, Patch ! God bless 🙂

  5. Ang ganda ni Sam Bernardo!
    Good luck Atty Patch Magtanong.

    Wala pa bang official na balita kay Sam Lo?

    • i just don’t like Sam Bernardo’s outfit. It didn’t do justice to her toned physique.

  6. the concert queen is now miss international

    sana umawit sya points of view

    all the best ate pops attorney patch

    the next MI

    • so funny and a
      light comment… none of those heavy dramatic use of texhnicsk terms… byuti pageant lang ito, mga inday

  7. Rgarding Samantha Lo, feeling ko mas may malalim na dahilan kung bakit sila tahimik. at sobrang lalim noon that hindi na sasali si Sam.

    Something legal. kaya may gag order. lol alam nila lahat yan, kaya tignan mo hirap na hirap silang sumagot pag tinanong sila about Sam.

    sabi nila, “wait for the announcement” na lang daw. so… there.


  8. Okay, love her face. ang laki ng ginanda niya. promise. mas humaba yung proportion ng face niya. alam mo yung gandang palaban pero sweet? ganon ung dating niya sakin.

    The dress? not so sure about it. masyadong busy. naiirita ako. buti na lang ang ganda ng mukha ni Patch.

    sana mas hinabaan yung hair, nilagyan ng extensions. kasi ayos siya ng ayos e. sabi nga nila parang solenn x ariella ang datingan niya.

    I know she’ll do well. pero. pero. pero. please lang naman. sana pinlano ng mabuti ang wardrobes niya. chic, elegante, at sana walang kung anu-anong ribbon ni Pablo Mendez ang dala niya. kakaloka.

  9. The countdown has begun for the Philippines’ 7th Miss International crown. And what a firmidable queen– a lawyer-economist, topnotch graduate from the country’s premier university, a stunning fashion model and a social advocate. These credentials seldom come in one beautiful package. It came in the person of Patch.

  10. NOt liking the styling of Patch!! Leren is really bringing it on with her outfits!

  11. She’s stunning no doubt about that. But MI has been crowning Doll faces in the last few years.

    • hindi naman doll face ang current MI,
      ka aura nya yung Miss Universe Spain 2018

  12. Not to nitpick because I truly love her makeup & hair here (the dress not so much). Just a suggestion, perhaps some Ulthera under her chin area before leaving for Tokyo, just to tighten the area. The camera angle in that video is not very flattering & the area under her chin seems a bit flabby. Other than that, I know Patch is a strong contender & of course, I will support her as our country’s representative. Her team has finally gotten her beauty looks just right. I had concerns about her hair & makeup before, because she looked overdone & extra. This look, however, is pared down & on point.

  13. Go lang Patch, I wish you the crown on your head!!!

    You have the mahinhin qualities which the Japs would love.

  14. BPCI pakitignan naman ang eroplano dahil sa Tokyo, Japan gaganapin ang patimpalak baka sa Little Tokyo, Los Angeles pa mapunta ang biyahe niya.

  15. Ganda ng styling niya! Sana umattend si Samantha Lo since andito daw sya sa Manila.


  16. Dios mio! Sana naman etong nangyari kay Sam eh mapalitan ng saya na nakaputong na sa ulo ni Patch ang Miss International crown!

  17. Handlers and Kurniawan, OK na ‘to’ng make-up na ‘to for informal evening functions. HUWAG niyo na kulitin! Focus on putting together a subtle-chic wardrobe. Good to go.

    Jazz in noir is LOVE. 🙂

    Resham in noir is…. not really (at least not like this).

  18. Maganda, Mabait, Matalino…
    She is the total package!
    I expect at least a 1st runner-up placement… BUT
    I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins
    Miss International 2019.

    Goodluck! We know you will do your best!!!
    We all have high hopes for you..

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