4 comments on “Miss Scuba Philippines 2019 is Liz Mabao

  1. Nagmura daw sa airport si Sam Low dahil delayed & cancelled ang flight. sabi daw “this is stupid & bullsiyet”.. juzko Kaya daw dinetained dahil sa behavior.

    • @ Padede Boy I know the feeling. Back in 2002, my SwissAir morning connection from Zurich to Malpensa was delayed twice and only to be cancelled mid-afternoon (nevermind why). American co-passenger promptly unleashed America-style FURY-DRAMA upon the poor Check-In staff.

      Ang tanong ko – CDG ba ‘yan? BAKIT Europe route in the first place, kasi?!!

      Back to this post… Sino sa”tin ‘yung nagsabi noon na Cat try SCUBA afterwards? Well, here it is. 🙂

  2. Liz Mabao 5′ 6″

    Miss Princess World International Philippines 2018
    Unplaced, Miss Princess World International 2018

    Miss Earth Philippines 2018 representing Mandaluyong City – Unplaced

    Miss Scuba Philippines 2019 – Winner

    Congratulations Liz! Next stop Bb. Pilipinas, you could be the next Miss Grand International. Your alluring beauty, amazing height and talent will be best at MGI.

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