7 comments on “Janelle Tee and her National Costume for Miss Earth 2019

  1. Mejo loosen lang konti ang reps natin. Siguro sa sobrang training na at expectations dahil sa “sash factor” eh napapraning na sila. Sana matuto rin silang mag enjoy. Let us give our reps our warm support rin…

    Pansin nyo ba?

  2. Miss Earth titleholders through the years! Who will be crowned next?

    2001 – 🇩🇰 Denmark – Catharina Svensson
    2002 – 🇰🇪 Kenya – Windred Omwakwe
    2003 – 🇭🇳 Honduras – Dania Prince
    2004 – 🇧🇷 Brazil – Priscilla Meirelles
    2005 – 🇻🇪 Venezuela – Alexandra Braun
    2006 – 🇨🇱 Chile – Hil Hernandez
    2007 – 🇨🇦 Canada – Jessica Trisko
    2008 – 🇵🇭 Philippines – Karla Henry
    2009 – 🇧🇷 Brazil – Larissa Ramos
    2010 – 🇮🇳 India – Nicole Faria
    2011 – 🇪🇨 Ecuador – Olga Alava
    2012 – 🇨🇿 Czech Republic – Tereza Fajksova
    2013 – 🇻🇪 Venezuela – Alyz Henrich
    2014 – 🇵🇭 Philippines – Jamie Herrell
    2015 – 🇵🇭 Philippines – Angelia Ong
    2016 – 🇪🇨 Ecuador – Katherine Espin
    2017 – 🇵🇭 Philippines – Karen Ibasco
    2018 – 🇻🇳 Vietnam – Nguyen Phuong Khanh

    Follow the Road to Miss Earth 2019:

  3. Btw, I love how Miss Ghana is trending right now…

    “Pag ang bata malakas kumain– may GHANA!!!!”

    I love her… I hope the black Barbie would be the 1st African to win Miss Earth!

    • The political economy of beauty pageants could point to a Ghana win. The country is the world’s fastest growing economy in 2019. Ghana advertises heavily its eco-tourism at CNN. If Carousel Productions wants inroads into Africa, Ghana is it– relatively peaceful and oil-driven economy. For so long, Africa has been the enclave of MW. It’s high-time for ME to stamp its footprint in Africa, the continent where 6 of the world’s 10 fastest growing economies are located. Who knows, ME can find its own Chavit there.

  4. Not really loving the walis tambo esthetic. But when it comes to color sense, Isorena has few peers.

    • I love it… It really looks like an authentic slightly glamourized version of the Ati-atihan costume!..
      Good job!

      Just some tweaks if ever Patrick would design for our other local reps to top tier international pageants… I suggest creating pieces that emphasizes the curves of the wearer.

    • It looks good. but if i were to edit this one, i’d rather use feathers. fake, synthetic. or whatever, basta hindi totoong feathers. lol

      Medyo may trauma ako sa walis tambo materials ni Joanna Eden noon e. LOL

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