8 comments on “Watch: Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 Chaiyenne Huisman on CNN Philippines

  1. Wow… her win si well desserved..
    Trully the best girl in this years batch of competitors.

  2. She sounds very sincere and dignified. Her spoken English is very natural, not contrived, no hint of trying to be cutesy. Reminds me of Megan Young.

  3. Mutya org struck GOLD with Ms. Huisman! Mdme. Cory Q., DO NOT WASTE HER.

    She must become an endorser of a BIG Filipinas consumers goods brand, and star in a FULL-length TV advertisement when she finally talks straight Filipiino. Think Alex Compton in that old Coffeemate ad.

    @ Fabian Reyes & @ Padede Boy Maybe…. Angkol placed her “in quarantine” pending receipt of BPCI’s advance for the Filipinas franchise renewal? Bank clearance difficult across ocean and over weekend? In other words, “kaliwaan”?

    • I heard she was not feeling well when she arrived so Nawat asked her to rest for a while .
      This is a bad premonition .
      Compare it to Leren who is doing her mightiest to win the crown

      • @ Fabian Reyes You probably already read her IG statement on the alleged venue hotel fire. There, she made it CLEAR that she has worked very hard preparing for this and that she is eager to see Venezuela with NO ill feelings towards anybody there. And given her drive, she would quite literally hit the ground running, (more) rest being the least of her priorities.

        Back to this post….

        Titular crown is…… (not pretty). And what makes it “Asia-Pacific” is not clear. 😦

  4. Sam Lo is not on the list of participants.
    Tito Norman , any update on this ?

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