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  1. Naku, hanggang nandyan c Manang Pilar sa Miss Globe ay nasa winning circle ang Philippines 😊
    You deserved to win Leren and not because of Manang Biday Pilar hihihi divahhh mga veckz😊

  2. I love that she is in it to win it!!!

    Leren Mae Magnaye Bautista is Miss Globe 2019!!!

  3. Simula na ng pang kikiss-ass ng Globe. every year na lang kunwari pinipraise ang mga girls natin. ini-interview tapos sa final night lulutuin ligwak din… ginagamit lang tayo.

  4. I salute and bow to those who bring and elevate our culture to the international stage. Native and folk dances have stories and movements convey meanings. I cant forget the Langay festival in Bontoc where the tribes showcased different dances that tell stories of marriage, of harvest, movements of birds in fields, etc. It made me realized how little of my country, its culture, and people I know. Our culture is so rich and diverse. So to Leren… not many may appreciate what you did, but the grace, skill and courage to show the world/globe what they dont usually see of who we are as Filipino is more than enough. Mabuhay ka Leren. You made us (if not all) so proud. (off topic.. but I hope one day I will get to hear tribal sounds and folk songs during international sports competition like rhythmic gymnastics, etc like what other countries use when they compete.. I hope in we can embrace more ourselves and be proud of who we are… of our heritage and culture.)

  5. She wasn’t dancing for haughty hecklers on line. She did her piece in front of foreign judges, most of whom are national pageant directors of competitor countries. The fact that she was still shortlisted as one of the best is something to be appreciated. She was rhythmically swaying her hips to the indigenous beat but remained dignified and regal. This is after all a beauty pageant. To attest to her winsome beauty and her not being cocky about it, the female host quipped: “Do you know you are beautiful?”

  6. Nothing special about this dance number Nor showcase any sort of talent. Anyone could easily do this walking around a golden platform dance performance while wearing a shiny silky dress with over exaggerated nail extension. she could have just done a modern dance performance instead of this cliche folk lore dance number.

    • Hi’ sorry to say but not all can do what she did. It takes a skill and talent to perfect such number. Don’t belittle what she did.

    • Anyone can do a modern dance anywhere in the world. What she did is not only showcasing her talent but also our culture. She was not just literally walking around. A true folk dancer knows how difficult it is to sway your hips and gracefully raise your hands while balancing on that platform. For me, you are a dancer if you can do folk dances the way she did.

      • There’s no real talent on her dance move….the walking around and somewhat swaying her hips takes little to no effort at all, which could be easily be performed by anyone. Did she perform well? Sure….but it wasn’t an impressive dance number. For her doing a balancing act on top of that platform wasn’t hard at all….since that platform is wide enough to keep her balance!

  7. this post is about Leren so stop commenting about
    Sam Lo or Cat

    I hope Leren wins this Barangay level 9th tier beauty pageant
    She is an MU MW MI caliber beauty queen

    This talent should win and be showcased at the finale
    via favebook live

    • @ kembular2020 Hahahazzz…. Kung maka-9th tier Barangay levels. Ano ‘yun? Sitio o Purok?

      Kung sa bagay, talaga’ng “Miss Talent Show”. Puwede naman’g “Miss Talent”, lang.

      (Labs u, Admin. Sabardey gud baybs, OK?) 🙂

      Game! Sige, parang ‘yung Singkil ni Megan nu’ng MW2013.

      @ Ver True, but this could be more interesting for foreigners. What I think is “sad” is how the other contestants were made to just stand through the entire thing. Weren’t there chairs?

      • I know….I would be pleased if I saw her dance the other folklore….the one with candles????

  8. That was VERY NICE. If you’ve ever been to those “better” Thai restaurants where you savored authentic local fare with cultural dancers as entertainment, the feel is similar. 🙂

    C2F, what’s with the gold finger extensions? Is it even used in India, at all? Or in Bali?

    @ Bellona I actually haven’t seen her at that museum tour in Caracas. Her reduced visibility in the pre-pageant could suggest some sort of “agreement” between SMA & Angkol… But, what? Anxious fans witnessed a similar arrangement at a beaucon in Australia last year. But at least the candidate was assured both a Top 5 finish and a sub-title. Clue can be found in the previous post.

    Or it may be that as an American passport holder, Ashley was advised to chill. But what of MG-USA?

    Definitely got her junk from her beautiful Cuban momma. Did you see the Pre-departure video?

    • The use of the nails is a cultural remnant of the Sri Vijaya and Majapahit empires w/ spanned most of South East Asia… and includes many different settlements in various locations in our country… What makes some of our cultural dances unique is the incorporation of using fans and silk scarves which have more East Asian origins in most of these dances making it a product of our islands being a melting pot of cultures.

  9. Doing folk dance is a sure cop out for lack of talent
    If it’s not required , why bother
    But Leren is one heck of a competitor
    She Is doing really well

  10. Another stellar performance from Leren. I hope she will going to bring home the crown.

    Off topic: I am just wondering why there is no news about Samantha. It seems media and BPCI are so quiet. Is this a publicity stunt?

  11. WOW ! amazing video !
    BTW , there is a new IME/MU video of MUSA & MU (Cat) with the two of them touring around Reno-Tahoe… it is looking like MU2019 will be hosted by Reno-Tahoe , so the ‘Where’ might be answered soon and it is good place , but the remaining question is the ‘When’ … ?

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