7 comments on “Gazini Ganados for her HIV Awareness and Aging LGBT Advocacy

  1. Masisira ang candidate natin dahil sa handlers. The care for the elderly has an impact enough. Stay there.

  2. “Let us always be informed, be knowledgeable and aware…”

    Wth, they all mean the same! Again, that’s more like trying to impress. Can her handlers tell her to be more sincere. Only then can she come across as smart.

    • I hope they’re taping mock interviews that are reviewed and critiqued immediately. If she’s not aware how she’s coming across then she won’t be able to improve her speaking skills.

  3. A cause or advocacy for aging is a worthy cause but most especially if a certain focus is held on LGBTQ members , it is just quite inspiring , Blessings to Gaz !!!

  4. I will unload. After all, apparently post is also intended for my kind – “aging LGBT”, aka “old gay”. Du’n sa last photo, may kahawig ni Angkol. 🙂

    I know young gay guys comprise a sizable chunk of the Filipinas pageant market. But I just find it a little disrespectful that they oblige REAL kweens to practically embrace this whole HIV-AIDS “Love Yourself and Get Tested” mantra as if these ladies themselves can ACTUALLY relate with the entire culture of promiscuity. How did pageantry become so tightly intertwined with all this IN THE FIRST PLACE?

    This mouthful from Jazz was prompted because a participant at this conference betrayed his nerves by unleashing his version of pageant Q&A. Due respects to the Office of the Vice Mayor of Talisay City.

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