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  1. Pansin ko, kakaiba taste nya sa male pageants..
    Best bet na niya e yung Manhunt rep nila last year na nag runner-up… the rest parang waley… hindi pasok yung mga personality na napipili nila for some reason… Mister Global.. dapat cute smiley face ang piliin na makinis na batu-bato katawan… ganung peg nananalo yearly lalo na sa male pageant.

    • @ Closer2Fame With all due fairness to JG, he has held the Manhunt franchise for (only) two (2) years, thus far. His first appointee, the Fil-Am Alfred Vargas look-alike, was proclaimed Photogenic, not too bad considering that year, 2017, was mired in a (Viet-style) cooking show. The following year, JG sent over that Fil-Am halfie Wilhelmina model, so a Top 5 finish is only fitting. Before that and just right after “Midyear”, only MoF/PEPPS was in the picture. Yes, your favorite Gwapulis! But even he made the First Cut. 🙂

      You are accurate that Manhunt looks for someone modelesque. All the guys mentioned above fit that mold, which in the Qualifications is listed as “MUST FIT (UNTO) A EUROPE-SIZE JACKET”.

      As for Global, your “borta twink” description is likewise correct. Interestingly enough, the org Prez had ties with Manhunt years ago. And I think bottom line issues prompted the former to seek for a “better” Filipinas licensee. But note that EVER SINCE we participated, we have CONSISTENTLY-ANNUALLY placed without fail; the 2014 inaugural edition was, in fact, our best finish yet. So, we are obviously doing something right as far as Global is concerned. JG might just send the right one under his tenure.

  2. Tignan mo naman ang bilis ng pag-ikot ng mundo dati si Mama Jonas Gaffud ang nagsasanay at nagpapadala ng mga kalahok sa mga patimpalak ngayon may sarili na siyang bonggang patimpalak. Mayaman na si Mama baka sa pagdating ng panahon siya ang susunod sa yapak ni Madam Stella kapag magreretiro na si Madam.

    • @ Bellona At may impluwensiya siya sa dalawa’ng prangkisa ng MU – Filipinas at Singapura.

      HINDI mani-mani lamang ang mga prangkisa’ng kinuha niya – Charm, Manhunt, at Global.

      (But yes, there might be business deals imputed in these, at least as far as Mercator/Empire goes.)

  3. Has anyone from A&Q have an update on Sam Lo? Nakadating na ba sya? It’s 7 Am there now,.

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