10 comments on “The Launch of Miss Charm International Pageant 2020

  1. Itong mga fly-by-night beaucon ang humihila pababa sa mga lihitimong beauty pageants. Gone were the days na iilan lang sila na inaabangan at sinusubaybayan nating mga pageant fanatics. Ang nangyari tuloy, yong mga Filipina na nanalo ng minor pageants abroad ay hindi na halos naaapreciate ng mga tao. Pero choice naman nilang sumali, kaya to each his own 🙂

  2. What’s next?
    Ms. Integrity of the World
    Ms. Friendship International
    Ms. Appropriate Pacific
    Ms. Taken Universe
    Ms. Demeanor Grandeur
    Ms. Opportunity Continental 🙃✌️

      • May Ms. Friendship International talaga? 😅
        O baka magkaroon ng rival pageant na Ms. Congeniality International.
        Parang Ms. Earth vs Ms. Eco something 😶

  3. Sa totoo lang, mas exciting pa makarinig ng news na may bagong Beauty Camp kesa sa may bagong Beauty Pageant somewhere.

  4. Bb. Pilipinas Org. what are we waiting for? Bb. Pilipinas First Runner-up 2019 will be a good choice.

    • I doubt that this pageant will gain so much support because chinese is the organizer BOX I will not buy the idea to send Aya to this pageant, for sure MWP will get into this coz they were so aggressive to add another title to surpass or even equal toBPCI existing titles.

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