22 comments on “Chaiyenne Huisman of Spain wins Miss Asia Pacific International 2019

  1. How did Philippines not make top 10?
    She is super gorge
    She can join BP and win bigtime ?

  2. Her father is Dutch & her mother is Spanish and she holds both Spanish & Netherlands passports.

  3. Asia Pacific International … Spain in Asia, no … Spain in Pacific, no … Spain in International, well, yes … ano ba talaga ang geographical qualifications sa pageant na ito?

    • It has expanded with the addition of the word “international”. And it is attracting a lot of candidates because the hosting and production are topnotch

      • I wish they revive the Miss Asia Quest instead. The pageant just for real Asia and Pacific Countries.

    • Her father is Dutch & her mother is Spanish and she holds both Spanish & Netherlands passports.

  4. Spain is so gorgeous! I love her eyes. as in.

    Sharifa should give BBP a try, seriously. I am seeing a lot of potentials in her. she could be a great follow up to Gazini. train na as early as possible. Is she a KF?

    • You should hear Sharifa talk. Check out her interview vids on YouTube and you might change your mind. There are better girls out there.

      • Well, that’s why we said she should be trained as early as possible. I’ve watched her interviews and i think she’s doing okay. Doing okay meaning it can be improved from the day she was crowned last year. It can be improved. Maha-hasa pa yan with proper training, workshops and exposures.

      • she sounds very trainable in the way she expresses herself, english is not her strong points but nothing like a yearlong practice would help improve the way she speaks.

      • ayos naman ….average at best but can be improved nothing like a yearlong training would do the trick

  5. this winner can have a fighting chance in MU 2020 if she becomes their rep BUT the actual Miss Spain in MU 2019 is uber gorgeous !!! (half-Scandinavian too ! )

  6. Tito Norman, I am confused with the winner. Miss Spain Chaiyenne Huisman captured the crown of Miss Asia Pacific 2019. Is she related to Chaiyenne Huisman, Miss Global Netherlands 2018?

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