14 comments on “Atty. Bea Patricia Magtanong

  1. I believe this lady is cut for Miss Universe. Am still praying for ‘divine’ intervention 🙂

  2. A very beautiful lawyer-economist to vie for the crown advocating “world peace”! Now is the time for MI to frame its cliche- ridden slogan into a fresh vibrant battlecry in the light of the very serious existential threat to humanity– the looming nuclear, cyber, environmental and trade wars. To take the leadership responsibility for this task, the Philippines is sending one of its very best ambassadress for peace. I can’t wait to see Patch’s pitch for peace.

  3. One of the best ever BBP winners to be sent to Miss International… I know she will make us proud!
    I can’t wait for the corronation night!

  4. Parang luma na yata yung pic. Maikli na hair ni Patch now.

    Very classy yung aura nya. Always elegant tignan. Sana ganun yung packaging nya.
    She can have the Sassy and fashionista look of Pops Fernandez or the classic and classy look of Carla Abellana. 2 celebrities which she resembles.

    Sa gown, wag masyado sexy. Di bet ng mga Hapon. Mas mainam kung queenly and regal.

    Go get that 7th crown for the Philippines. Yakang yaka.

    Go Go Go Philippines!!!!!!!

  5. Ohwohwohhh! She’s remarkably gorgeous. A beauty that can never be ignored! 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  6. Ang ganda ni atty!!! Good luck Patch, there are more believers in you than bashers!! Haha. Haters will be haters…hayaan n natin mga yan at kaawaan–mga bitter, unaccomplished, sad, lonely, underachiever at mga walang pumapansin. Happy lang tyo!! God bless you in this journey. Go UP!!!😚

  7. I love that arresting face and iridescent skin. She has to bear in mind that for side activities and TV guesting, the Japanese crowd like quirky, colorful and fashion-forward styling. In contrast during the finals, the judges seem to prefer relatively conservative gowns.

  8. Patch has a gorgeous face, I like this fresh look on her with just a hint of makeup. Her intellect can sometimes overshadow her sexy side but this presentation has great balance — no reason she can’t both smart and alluring on stage!

  9. Blue ba winning gown ng Ms. PH sa Ms. International, just like pink is to Ms. World?
    The crotch area of the gown looks tacky.
    Not hating, just stating ✌️

  10. Mas maganda talaga siya pag halos walang make up.
    Pag makapal ang make up, younger pops fernandez version

  11. Truly gorgeous and a standout! I can almost smell the 7th Miss International crown for our country!

    On a side note, isn’t her gown in this portrait a wee bit too risqué by rather conservative MI standards?

    At any rate, God bless on your biggest pageant journey yet, Atty. Patch Magtanong!

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