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  1. Ang tanong ko, sadya bang kulang sa training si Alyssa Mulach last year? Ang ganda ganda kaya niya, magaling pang sumagot tapos ligwak? Hindi man lang nag semi-finalist. feeling ko pinanalo lang tayo nong kung wyn wyn dahil pang hatak ng franchise.

    • Well.. Alysa was a bit short, big-boned and pasty for any international pageant… She can barely dance.. She could be a 50”s pin-up girl but a winner or at least a top15 of a Latin based pageant? Meh…

    • She doesn’t even know how to walk, idagdag mo pa yung malaking thighs at height niya. Rampahan ang labanan sa RHA. I’m actually surprised na siya pinadala, pero sa batch nila walang rampadora. Maureen was the best choice for RHA.

    • With all due respect to Alyssa, IDK what happened nung sumali siya. but i believe it is unfair na sabihing “pinapanalo” lang si wynwyn para humatak ng franchise.

      Wynwyn was on fire during the competition. kahit may mas maganda sakanya, lamon na lamon niya sa aura, rampa at projection ang mga latina. so… maybe it wasn’t really for Alyssa. 🙂

  2. very distinct beauty but she needs to train more on her articulateness, she sounded tentative in her qNa but i heard she graduated with honors so i believe shes smart enough to overcome her nerves and become more relaxed in her ability to speak her mind.

  3. Bingot na version ni nicole cordovezz 😂 siya dapat may advocacy sa smile train cheret!

  4. Another outstanding beauty sent to a mediocre pageant. Is this schema part of preparations for a major pageant she might join in next year?

  5. Does she express herself in Spanish very well? If the answer is no, well what do we expect from the beauty pageant. We are sending gorgeous women but they are not well equip with Spanish language. I do hope she will join Bb. Pilipinas in the future. She has the beauty, graduated with Latin honor at the prestigious university in town and amazing height at 5′ 6″. She will be the next Miss Universe Philippines?

    • “Amazing height at 5’6″…..so she’s short than… she’s pretty though.

  6. wow sobrang ganda
    Ella ha llegado ya
    She has arrived already

    Llegar (spanish verb) – infinitive form – to arrive
    Dyan galing ang surname nya.

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