12 comments on “A Message to Bb. Pilipinas Globe 2019 Leren Mae Bautista

  1. Leren’s outstanding attributes may not be in this year’s MG playbook of target winner, but I hope her multidimensional beauty can pull it off and break the norm. Just like MGI and all the other minor pageants playing in today’s IT ecosystem, the organizers’ obvious flanking marketing strategy will compel them to award the crown to countries less touched and influenced by the major pageants. These minor pageants need as wide international audience as possible, and this is only possible if they spread the award to as many countries as possible, in the hope that they can gain more traction in corporate sponsorship and institutional support.

    • Let’s admit it: pageantry is a business, In this global industry, the Philippines is the top market in terms of fan base, corporate sponsorship and institional support. That’s why they keep on energizing us by way of placing our bets always in the winning circle, if not outright being adjudged the top winner. They need the Philppines, the country with the world’s highest social media usage and the most number of pageant-crazed followers scattered in all corners of the earth– the veritable brand influencers in their marketing playbook

  2. Only some insane divine intervention or a geo-politicaly motivated cooking show could prevent her from winning.. She got the crown in the bag and it is hers to lose… Just stay kind and humble and the universe would conspire for you to have what is undoubtfully yours!

  3. her beauty stands for itself…i mean i will not say that she is beautiful to support her but when you get to see her, you will say she is beautiful with an impact.

    Good luck, Leren!

    I can see that you are a winner but as Filipinos have become they don’t want to put the highest hopes.

    You can do it!

    Much love!

  4. i like her but lets not be too sure about her chances. its a matter of preparation and destiny, she has the first lets see if the stars will allign in her favor.

  5. Leren may become the very first Pinay to hold two international tite/crowns in history … ( I am not sure of anyone else, perhaps Maricar Balagtas ??? )

    • Actually, it is Michelle Reyes.

      Actually, she and Maricar were runners up during that year in Bb.

    • Nope! it’s Michelle Reyes. She was Miss Tourism International 2001 Turkish version and Miss Tourism World 2002.

    • Girl, slaaaaaaaaaay.

      Feat is destined to be yours early on, but do not be complacent. Keep the momentum high. Always set your best foot forward the moment you leave your room. You have got all the goods and the guts, so it’s now a matter of playing your card well.

      Best of luck,
      Ana Winter

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