16 comments on “Official Statement of the Miss World Philippines Organization on the Dethronement of Vanessa Mae Walters

  1. Ayaw magpatali sa kontrata at nag-attitude para tuluyan’g matanggal. So obvious.


    Maaari’ng nasulsulan, din.

    And what of Cortesi?


    • I think they made a shortlist first of the qualified ones from this batch and last year’s. They had three – Daena, Jena Masero and Kylah Sanchez. I reckon that Daena was the most readily available. Jena is already back in the US and Kylah is still an Official Candidate of Philippine Global Queens. The international competition is already next month in Egypt. Just my personal thoughts.

  2. OMG I was even rooting for her to join BBP 2021. She had an excellent MUP potential.

  3. So misrepresentation..
    Are they talking abt her so called Harvard education ?

  4. Who will be the best replacement for the title Miss Eco Teen Philippines ?

    !. Hannah Therese Cruz, candidate #13 MWP 2019
    19 years old, 5′ 6″

    2. Jena Miliani Masero, candidate #32 MWP 2019
    19 years old, 5′ 6″
    Continental Miss World Philippines USA 2019

    3. Mary Daena Zaide Resurreccion, candidate #28 MWP 2019
    18 years old, 5′ 6″

    MWP First Runner-up Shannon Kerver 22 yo 5′ 5″
    MWP Second Runner-up Kristi Banks 24 yo 5′ 5″

    Miss Eco Teen Philippines open for 16-19 years old. Good luck ladies!

  5. Nakakairita basahin
    Organization like this should have at least a good communications team
    The way this “chu chu” was written reflects how the organization is being handled
    Walang coherence, walang flow of thoughts
    Parang high school project lang

    Blogger, I suggest you teach them with your easy to understand writing techniques!

    • What’s wrong with how this official statement was composed anyway? Seems very corporate to me. Unless you’re not used or consistently exposed to corporate communications. 🙄

      But I digress. Vanessa Mae Walters only exposed her immaturity and impulsive nature. Sad for both her and MWPO, but she asked for it. Nobody’s indispensable.

    • The statement looks fine. It sounds like this commenter read a different released statement?

    • @Ozzo

      MWOrg was very proffesional and kind in their official statements… Im sure most of us prefer for them to be more specific with regards to her violations.. I guess she is not aware how we Filipinos take pageants seriously.

  6. She had so much potential but sadly immature. This willl be the end of her pageant endeavors.

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