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  1. C2f, what do you mean the situation in Venezuela is not that bad? Let me guess, you’re also happy with Dutardte regime, right?

    • @ Padede Boy Thinking about it, I doubt SMA-BPCI would have taken MGIP up if it were truly worthless. Not a few say Continentes Unidos would make a good replacement (thanks to Jeslyn Santos’ win). Yet JDV admits the organization has repeatedly expressed willingness to work with HIM. My point is, everything happens and not happen for a reason. Or reasons. Only THEY know. 🙂

      If BPCI should drop MGI, then (The)Globe and Intercontinental must be dropped, too. Don’t forget that both have been plagued by dubious judging methods in the past. And Angkol was even part back in 2016! But precisely because Colis and Gallman have crowned (the latter home court), it is not going to happen anytime soon.

      Granted the non-renewal of contracts, BBP will become just like PI, offering only three (3) titles. And if the stand-alone MUP is finally rolled out, paano na ang annual biggest Filipinas Nationals at SMART-Araneta Coliseum? And apparently the MUP brand can SINGLE-HANDEDLY make pageantry here happen. I personally think business deals on an international level are at play in all these licenses.

  2. I support Samantha Lo’s campaign to win this crown of dubious prestige and character simply because she is our very own. But I actually feel sorry for her that she will be apparently wasted on this mediocre pretentious pageant owned and run by a fame whoring impresario. We should stop sending world class candidates to this travesty because it only ends up dignifying the nuthead owner’s combative antics which shamelessly contradict his supposed pageant motto STOP THE WAR my ass.

  3. BLOOMING ang cyst natin’g si RJ Ignacio! Ang KINIS at hindi maitago ang saya. Mukha’ng well-rested at nakarami ng (Hehehehhh…). AMPOGI. Balbon pa ang (Hehehehhh….).

    Sabi niya, calma muna tayo at na’ng hindi maunsiyami si Sam Lo.


  4. Will pray for your safety. Until now the travel advisory is still on High Risk.

    No point in getting on the owner’s good side for the crown is already reserved for Coco Arayha

    • I have this impression that she has an adamant spirit and adventurous personality but I’m really concerned for her safety. Although we still do not have a definitive advisory from our own DFA insofar as travelling to Venezuela is concerned, the US has maintained/reissued its Level 4 (Do Not Travel) advisory to all US citizens as of September 2019. This means that among others, travelers are asked not to go between cities after dark, avoid travel between Simón Bolívar International Airport and Caracas at night, not take unregulated taxis from Simón Bolívar International Airport, avoid ATMs in this area, avoid demonstrations, to bring a sufficient supply of over-the-counter and prescription medicines, etc. You’re essentially “imprisoned” within the pageant’s vicinity. So I’m a bit puzzled why the US and its territories are still sending delegates there (unless they’ve rescinded). Is risking one’s person worth a crown and not even a prestigious one to boot? I can’t help recalling the sad fate of Venezuela’s own Monica Spear and other beauty queens whose lives ended untimely. Is this even worth writing about? Just asking.

      • @Ben

        This propaganda by the US is just part of their Economic war against Venezuela. Its not that bad.

      • I din’t understand at all why this pageant still insists on holding the coronation in a war-torn country. Another publicity stunt? I see it as an attempt to make the civil unrest in Venezuela a morbid backdrop to its parade of sashaying beauties in glittering gowns blabbering the “Stop the War” slogan. What a satire!

      • C2f, what do you mean the situation in Venezuela is not that bad? Let me guess, you’re also happy with Dutardte regime, right?

  5. That reminds me….

    Jerelleen comes home empty-handed from Ecuador. All the best and muchas gracias for representing. And buena suerte, as well, to Llegado in Bolivia (but yeah, Top 3 will be WOW).

    If Sam Lo wins, will she base in Thailand for a year, Senyor Bloggero?

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