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  1. if and when the contract expires, BPCI should drop this MGI… not having it among the crowns is NOT a loss.. why we ever dignify this loony nawatt is beyond me..

    • True! I actually feel sorry for Samantha Lo that she will be apparently wasted on this mediocre pretentious pageant owned and run by a fame whoring impresario. We should stop sending world class candidates to this travesty because it only ends up dignifying the nuthead owner’s combative antics which shamelessly contradict his supposed pageant motto STOP THE WAR my ass.

  2. These two pageant-bound beauties were the two front-runners in the recent BbP beauty pageant, who I correctly predicted to get the respective crowns. They are perfect fit for the said competitions–Sam being eloquent and a standout, which characteristics she can very well use in Nawatt’s pageant, and Leren being super stunning morena which color MGO adores.

    I like Sam a lot and I thought she could easily clinch the MGI crown, until Nawatt’s collective pronouncements disfavoring Philippines for its goal of bagging his crown. Thus, I am not expecting so much from Sam, although she is very much worthy of the crown.

    Leren is at par with our very own first Miss Globe winner, Ann Colis. Beauty wise, Leren’s total look is a lot more pleasing and dignified. I thought she’s got the 1970’s-to-early-80’s Filipina glam look, giving us a refreshing idea how a Filipina looked like in that era. If Leren cannot bring the crown back to the country, my heart will be broken big time.

    That’s all.

    • MGI will not award crown to Samantha Lo coz she is miss philippines, Filipinos are the number basher of MGI…

    • @Ana

      I agree… Leren is actually an improvement of Ann Colis! She could easily slay all the girls of this year’s Ms. Globe… IMO, it is pageant suicide for the Miss Globe admin to give the crown to some else who is less desserving.

      • Exactly, C2F. I can’t imagine the fate waiting to MGO if they deny Leren their crown. For me, Leren is the embodiment of par excellence and sophisticated beauty.

        I wish Leren sport this look in the final’s night. Uber ganda n’ya dito.

  3. Resham also has a great chance of making it to the TOP 5 and if she performs really well she could possibly hit the homerun! It’s all upto her if she could surpass Mutya Datul’s whole persona. I totaly have high hopes for her.

    • @ Closer2Fame I am of the opinion that Supranational organization was not too pleased with what I perceived to be BPCI’s snub of their brand. Mutya never became a HUGE celebrity (here) and with Nicole Cordovez’s performance at MGI, BPCI had the “temerity” to upgrade the latter in the titular hierarchy, knocking Supra down to fourth.

      I think Resham’s case can be aided if she could get a BIG endorsement deal by mid-November. What product or service suits a young modern woman who refuses to be shackled by religious preconceptions?

      Jessica Fitriani has a slight edge thanks to the strength of Yayasan Puteri Indonesia organization as a reliable-loyal Supranational franchisee. I also find her Pakistani-ASEAN facial blend more universal.

      • @Flor

        But Jessica can barely talk…
        And based on the past South Asian winners of Miss Supranational…Beauty wise, Resham seems to have a better chance in Europe… On top of that… I’ve seen Jessic’s past performances… and me saying that Resham could easily outperform Jessica is a complete understatement. 🙂

  4. Infairness, my eyes zooom in first kay GAZINI!!!!! Mukhang you are doing something right babe

    • Ang kintab naman kc ng face ni Gaz. Parang may langis. Is she the oldest in this batch?


  6. Kung sino man ang nagdamit kay Eva Patalinjug last year, i hope hindi siya ang designer ni Sam Lo kasi nagmukhang ver 2 si Sam sa styling… nangangamoy clapper

  7. Ganda ni Samantha Lo, may ganyan naman pala syang smile, yung hindi mukhang pilit at awkward, sana lagi.

    Sino man ang nagbibihis kay Patricia Magtanong, please itigil na yang malalaking ribbon at kumpul-kumpol na tela, di naman nakakatulong.

    Si Aya Abesamis na laging maayos magdamit, mukhang sumablay dito, parang wrong size.

    • True enough, I am not that fan of Patricia Magtanong coz her physical beauty is really weak. But I 100% support her for her MI bid, sinch PH naman dala nya, may magagawa pa ba? Seriously, the RIBBONS and UNNECESSARY FOLDS sa kanyang wardrobes are not doing her any good, THEY DO NOT MAKE SENSE! I would rather see her wearing SM Basic.

      • @ Anonymous Agree with you. Patitay will look good as the lawyer that she is. Semi-structured with clean tailoring can be appreciated by the Japanese, too. Oh, and a hat and gloves! Hair should be kept soft and straight, not wavy as here. Just a wee bit cosplay maid. 🙂

  8. Napansin ko lang sa lahat ng send-off, oiliness mga Queens natin. Hehehe nagh-hypersecrete ba mga facial oil glands paglalaban na internationally? 😋 Good luck to both. I am confident they will do great and make our country proud!😚

  9. Oh my… they are all equally gorgeous now. Proper make-up does a lot. Our representatives deserve crowns👑, a 💯 percent support and love❤️❤️❤️. Good luck to all 2019 Misses Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭!!!

  10. I think Sam Lo will look terrific in a tan. Latinas love to tan, but they can’t get the chinita look that Sam has. She should go for it – attention handlers!!!

  11. I am not a fan but I have to say that Sam Bernardo looks really fresh, beautiful and well-rested. She stood out. I love that she is not overly made up like she was in BBP days. If only she sported this look back then. Gazini is really regal. Huge appreciation to the ladies for not wearing those tired and clunky heels anymore. Very classy!

  12. Ganda ni Gazini sa Solo Shot nya sa Binibini Instagram from that Send Off Event. Nanlalamon #AllTeaNoShade

  13. ! Dios mio Did Cary Santiago (again) design for Jazz?! That segment of fabric at the hem quite literally looks like “laglag-panty”. 😦

    Colombian emeralds came to mind in Sam Lo’s case. But yeah, neighboring Venezuela will host.

    Pink/fuchsia and white look NICE together. 🙂

      • @ bonsai hater Honestly, am now unsure, given her exclusion of Coco at the pizza party. We all know Sam can be brutally candid. But hostility is exactly what a loon like Mr. Itsaragrisil thrives on. Next time, Sam, do not lose your temper. Say instead, “Cat and I are throwing a pizza party but we cannot invite Coco ‘coz pizza is fattening”. 🙂

        if Angkol and the host Venezolanos can appreciate a Lara Dutta x Brooke Mahailani-Lee vibe, then I would give her an 85% chance of victory.

        Don’t get me wrong; I have liked her since BbC. BUT I THINK WE ALL NEED TO GO EASY ON MGI FOR NOW to ensure he grants Sam some slack.

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