9 comments on “Miss Earth 2019 Press Presentation

  1. I like Miss Ghana… Kinakareer…
    Performance level… yan dapat ang binibigyan ng Crown!

    • Yeah, I especially like her placard “Educate 2 Fornicate” — yeah Miss Ghana! Labya Ghana!

      • Ooops, sorry — placard reads “Educate 2 Eradicate” — my bad! Luvya Ghana!

  2. My early favorites are Puerto Rico and USA…but then again maraming magaganda at deserving…pukpukan to

  3. Alisa Manyenook represents Belarus now. But as Miss Russia at the Tokyo Dome back in 2016. Am a bet confused….. (but) nonetheless “Belorussia” (literally, “white Russia”) is a super beauty. Watch Kylie’s MI Performance and be convinced. 🙂

    Miss Russia organization could have also sent over another super beauty (a term coined at SF) – Palina Popova. Imo, Julia Morley didn’t really appreciate her BWAP submission – raising awareness on the unique Lake Baikal seals.

    Glennys (?) Pimentel of Puerto Rico is yet another super beauty. When she smiles, it is Hillarie Parungao and Megan Young combined. 🙂

    Blogger, take good care of that sapling. When of age and fecund, share guayabano shake with us.

    And remind the other recipients to periodically tend to theirs to ensure they (the saplings) reach adulthood.

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