12 comments on “Montenegro-bound Leren Mae Bautista

  1. Hindi talaga siya meant for Miss Universe at Miss World. May sumpa ata ang Mutya Pilipinas – Asia Pacific Title.

  2. Wala na.. finish na!
    The crown is hers to lose…

    Leren Mae Bautista is Miss Globe 2019!!!!

  3. We keep honoring this pageant by sending reps who epitomize the beauty-brains-brawn types. But MG keeps on ignoring our outstanding beauties like a woman pilot and a top-student-top-volleybelle. Not that our reps are any less deserving of the crown. It is very obvious for this minor pageant that its marketing strategy is flanking— giving the crown to countries where the major pageants do not yet have considerable presence, in the hope that they can gain wide international audience and interest blue chip sponsors. Note that except for Albania where the pageant originated, no other country has won twice. Note also that like MU strategy, they try to keep energizing the Philippine market by placing us always in the winning circle. Just the same, I wish Leren the very best of luck!

    • But MG is not MU whose strategy of sustained finalist placement eventually produced a high-net-worth corporate supporter in LCS Group. MG is a one-off one-hour streaming show, unlike MU which engages its millions of followers 365 days a year. Because of this, no amount of effort to energize Filipino pageant enthusiasts will make MG a pageant worth looking forward to.

  4. I have high hopes for Leren. She’s (tbh) too good for Miss Globe. I hope they won’t waste her beauty and effort. whatever happens, may lutuan man or wala, i believe na kung para sakanya, para sakanya. Sana amazing ang mga wardrobes lalo na ang natcos! dahil eversince naman, pak na pak ang natcos natin sa Miss Globe.. hmmm not sure lang with Nicole Manalo’s ha. lol

  5. sad that they will just undermine her in the pageant. how many times did that manipulated against Miss Philippines? they deliberately removed the Q&A in the last minute so Vietnam would win. tsk tsk tsk Manalo also was obviously cheated. I understand that they dont wanna crown another filipina just yet but why make her to top 5 when they know the pinays can talk very well and eat the microphone.

    • That’s just how pageant works. The owners ultimately have the last say. Timing and Luck also play a big part.

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