8 comments on “Six years ago today, Megan Young was crowned Miss World 2013

  1. up to now bakit ayaw ifollow ni Cat si Megan? Ano ba kasi ginawa ni Megan kay Cat at inunfollow siya. hihihihi

  2. I always try to find the genealogical connection of our local winners with our past historical figures… Why? Some say it’s genetics, same say it’s reincarnation, some say it’s hundreds of years of Good Karma…. In my opinion, reincarnation might be too far-fetched but I do believe in genetics while some coincidences could be atributed w/ good karma…

    I am sure you are all aware that our 1st Miss International, Gemma Cruz Araneta is the great-grandniece of our national hero, Jose Rizal. While Jose’s mother, Teodora Alonzo is also connected to both our 3rd Miss Universe Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach and our 1st Miss World, Megan Young. Pia’s connection w/ the Alonzo clan is pretty obvious while Megan’s maternal great-great grandmother Andrea Ursua and Jose Rizal’s great-grandmother Regina Ursua share a common ancestor who is from a noble samurai clan who migrated to Paco Manila from Japan due to religious and political persecution.

    I have a suspicion that our next international pageant winner also has nobility in her genes… Perhaps a descendant of a Spanish nobleman who’s a ruler of the frontier? 😉

  3. Mr. Tinio, kayo po ba ‘yung tinutukoy niyo’ng one and only correct entry? 🙂

    (Sorry, po. Only saw your blog a few years after.)

    And speaking of respectable pageants (like Ms. I_la_ia), whatever happened to Ms. Scuba International?

    (The Word was obscured in deference to religious sensibilities. Like the name of the Prophet, abbreviated to “Mhd” or similar.)

    Well, with conservatism still prevalent, looks like it will be some time before Indonesia hosts again.

  4. Megan might have been US-born but she was raised and educated in the Philippines, and have immersed herself fully well the Philippine society via the entertainment industry. She speaks impeccable English just as she speaks Tagalog— no twang, not contrived, not cutesy. Her sincerity glows when she talks—and that’s perhaps what endears her to most Filipinos. I believe she has a lot more triumphs to pull off not only for herself but for the Philippines.

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