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  1. Ang kailangan lang sa MI ay magaling mag memorize ng speech. After that,pa smile2, pa bow2 na lang unlike sa MU na laging may interviews sa media during the reign.

    Kaya walang bearing kung ang best asset ni patchina ay interviewing skills.

  2. The survival of today’s beauty pageant business requires astute play in the global political economy. In this age when doing business is reshaped, and beauty paradigms are being shifted, by the information revolution, I think these are the emerging strategies of the top beauty pageant organizations, and how our reps can fit into the playbook of each.

    • Miss International- The logic of MI’s advocacy, “to promote world peace, goodwill, and understanding”, is easily understandable in the light of Japan’s constitutional mandate of a no-army government. Considering today’s events, where the world is increasingly sliding towards nuclear, cyber and trade wars, MI can no longer ignore the absolute necessity to frame its advocacy in the context of the gnawing hate, prejudice and selfishness sweeping across the globe. MI needs to reinvigorate its age-old slogan into a fresh but compelling message to the world. Hands down, the most effective spokesperson and role model for this task is the beautiful lawyer-economist, fashion model and social advocate Patch Magtanong.

    • Miss Universe- From the land of women’s rights movements, Miss Universe aspires to be the world’s top platform for “women empowerment”. When MU was bought in 2015 by WME/IMG, a merger of a Hollywood talent agency and a sports and marketing empire, it was easy to see the motivation behind the acquisition: the opportunity of turning the huge global audience of pageant enthusiasts into the captive markets for its increasingly convergent business worlds of entertainment, sports, and fashion. With events marketing as its new DNA, MU soon went into expansion mode that leveraged its massive global community. Its observable playbook: energize target markets by a sustained placement of its reps in the finalist circle to develop demand pull from high-net-worth corporate sponsors. The strategy paid well in the Philippines, maturing in Thailand, work-in-progress in South Africa, incubating in Singapore and Vietnam and flanking in Dubai

      • Thank you. But other commenters including you also contribute informative pieces. From the comments, I read snippets of history, folklore, genealogy, fashion, politics, current trends, inside stories, and yes– gossip. Writing styles may be different but we all elevate the conversation on pageantry to a higher level. All these are made possible by the best thing that ever happened to Philippine pageantry– Norman’s Blog by Norman Tinio.

    • How does Gazini fit into this playbook? Dubai is being floated lately as a possible host city, a brilliant prospect from the business viewpoint but nearly impossible from the religio-cultural perspective. But the seeds of interest can be germinated by a Filipino-Arab queen with immunity from fatwa. Gazini’s backstory of “reaching out” and “unconditional love” to long-lost kins separated by Mideast geopolitical divide can be a cathartic message of peace and reconciliation powerful enough to attract the wealthy corporate sponsors in Dubai (where 21.3% of population is Filipino), and create inroads for the pageantry business in the oil-rich open economies of the Arab World.

  3. Yes! I knew it.. Patch is more one dimensional after all. I think she can win it!

    2019 should be a great year for the top tier “Big 3” Philippine pageant reps.

    In 2013, Bea was crowned MI while Megan was crowned MW and Ariela placed 3rd runner-up at MU.

    In 2016, Kylie was crowned MI while Catriona placed in MW’s final 5 and Maxine placed in MU’s final 6.

    Theoretically, all six beauties were in a position to sweep and win all three crowns as all advanced into the final q&a round. Note, I emphasized “theoretically.”

    Personally, I believe our Patch BbP-Int’l, Michelle Dee MWP and Gazini MUP can equal or best the feat accomplished 2013 and 2016.

    I feel very optimistic. Go get em’ Patch!

    • Each of them has their own unique set of strengths which are incomparable to their predecessors…

      Patch is the most editorial who has the brains to be a spokesperson… I am confident that she would reach the Top 5 but if she could push herself further, she coould actually win the top prize!

      Michelle is the most well-rounded and modelesque… She is already well-spoken but she is trainning further for her to be fully ready to win that blue crown for our country. All odds are in her favor.. Its now all up to her to hit the homerun!

      Gazini is the most aestheticaly appealing w/ all the pageantry and modeling skills which are more than enough for her to reach the top 5. There is no pressure for her to ace the Q&A since we just won last year but if she does.. a 1st runner-up placement after winning twice within 4 years would not be a bad feat!

      I believe they are all matched well with their respective pageants… They all have the sash factor to win…. It’s all upto them individually how far they would make it.

      This is the time when the national costume is crucial.

  4. Patch will surely place. Getting one of the koronitas
    Back 2 back koronita c/o A Manalo. Which is a great achievement dahil di naman palagi tayong winner

    • Venezuela won another crown 3 y later
      If Patch really deserves it and everything aligns , I don’t think winning the crown is far fetched .

      I wasn’t really A believer when she got BP International .
      But recent pics and videos look promising

      • @fabian.. This might be the year an African woman might win. If Patch win magdiwang ako. I like how she carries herself and grounded ang dating

      • Parang di ko naman napansin yung kay Sam Lo.
        Iwonder kung bakit maraming nag-thumbs down.
        Concert queen and famous si Pops Fernandez naman.
        Wala naman akong masamang intention, sinabi ko lang ang observation ko.

  5. Basta makapasok lang siya sa Top 10 tapos don na niya gandahan ang speech niya. Speech lang naman binabatayan ng MI eh.

  6. I like her look here. In terms of styling, she’s becoming more suited to the pageant that she will be competing in – i.e., dainty in an understated elegance. She’s veering away from the “Kylie Verzosa” mold and is a standout in her own unique way. Her doll-like subtly flirtatious face is reminiscent of Yu Wenxia (Miss World 2012) and a younger Michelle Yeoh (former Miss Malaysia and now a Hollywood A-Lister). She is indeed someone to look out for at this year’s Miss International pageant.

  7. To all the neigh sayers… Say all you want…
    I am confident that this girl can & will perform…
    A sure Top 5 finish if not the winner. 🙂

    Bea Patricia Magtanong would surely slay in Tokyo!

  8. Most people lamented when Patch lost the opportunity to join the 4-cornered MU fight among credentialed young lawyers, insisting that the Philippines was denied a chance for a b2b. She was instead assigned to compete at a pageant whose advocacy is the age-old “world peace”. But what was seemingly a mismatch is now becoming a clear wisdom as world events unfold before our very eyes. More than ever, the world is now confronted by threats of nuclear and cyber wars, more devastating than the conventional warfare of the 2 World Wars. Suicide bombings, mass shootings, chemical bombings, kidnappings, drone assaults, cyber attacks, and “Fake News” annihilation of young minds—all manifestations of hate and prejudice creeping across the internet, and the vile and venom spewing out of politicians’ and extremists’ mouth. Now, what was before considered as antiquated, trite and hackneyed becomes very much alive, crucial and urgent issue in today’s world.

    • I think now is the most opportune time for MI to frame its advocacy in the context of current events. In doing so, it needs an intelligent young spokesperson who can add verve, zest and lucidity to the slogan “world peace”. The world eagerly awaits Patch’s pitch for peace.

  9. I think she is on the right track
    Her face looks s lot healthier now than when she won BP International
    And her choice of clothes is amazing
    She’s a good public speaker and her voice is soothing
    She will be one of the best performers from this batch

  10. I really am not getting the deal with Atty. Patitay….. 😦

    Ahtisa was more intriguing.

    For me and now, either Harriot Lane of the UK or Marija Perviy of Belarus for the Mikimoto.

    • There’s no spark in the eyes. It’s like she just want to get things over with.

      But of course, that’s only basing on the photos and some videos of her interviews.

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