8 comments on “Janelle Tee welcomes the Miss Earth 2019 Delegates

  1. Welcome, Miss Earth delegates. I hope you learned a lot from your younger countrymen, the students who walked out en masse last week, in solidarity with the global demand for climate change action from governments. I hope as you sashay your way too the crown, you are constantly reminded that the earth’s temperature is increasing, typhoons are intensifying at unprecedented levels, the polar ice caps are melting, the sea level is rising, animal and plant species are facing extinction . You should be pleased you joined a contest with the most timely and relevant advocacy, the same issues that preoccupiy the minds of governments and the scientific community. I hope your participation adds value to the conversatiuon.

    • @ scorg Action from governments is NEVER going to happen. Entrenched interests. And merely signing a climate pact does not guarantee compliance.

      We are by nature a stubborn species. Magtitipid kung kailan wala na. 😦

      Perhaps our brain was wired to be too smart for its own good. And when we wipe ourselves out, only then will our planet regain its composure.. LOLZ.

      It all boils down to CHOICE.

      Until then, enjoy the pageant. 🙂

      • Flor, I cannot enjoy a pageant when the self-proclaimed Earth Warriors are at the tail-end in the march for climate action, and the students as young as 10 are in the frontlines! I am still optimistic that government action will come. Entrenched business interests will be forced to yield to the realities of the existential threat to humanity– frequent super typhoons, fast melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels that start to submerge some Pacific islands, prolonged draughts, severe winters, etcetera. What we need are climate advocates who walk the talk, not sashay and talk!

  2. Good luck ladies !!! I see many beautiful and high caliber candidates this year…pukpukan ang labanan. May the best girl wins !

  3. I predict three things.

    First, Puerto Rico will make the Elemental Court. Second, Alisa Manyanook of Belarus, Kylie’s co-candidate at MI 2016, will be the Telma Madeira of 2019 – wasted. And,

    India will get its second ME crown.

    Janelle Tee should consider aligning with her city government ‘s environmental programs, post-pageant.

    A BIG and global Filipino corporation should partner with Carousel for the former’s CSR (ecological) project, to add PRESTIGE to this pageant brand that should already be MAJOR abroad by now.

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