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  1. The fuss about Gazini’s low-level of self-expression, a major criterion in a beauty contest trumpeting the confidently beautiful mantra, cannot be solved by the usual blame game. We are consigned to this fate for so long as we stick to the Filipino concept of beauty within the narrow confines of the physical dimension. Yet Gazini is capable of remarkable views, in fact deep thoughts and insights, except that her articulation seems to be stymied by a subconscious fear of possible impropriety and political incorrectness, and her thought processes seem to be slowed down by having to think in the vernacular and expressing them in English. Is six months is enough a time frame for a training program on articulation, lucidity, and coherence of self-expression? Especially if the training goes beyond the bounds of communication skills and into the realm of self-assuredness, self-esteem, and self-confidence?

    • I believe it is still possible if her training focuses on self-confidence that comes from self- awareness and self- acceptance. It would boost her self-confidence if she is constantly assured that millions of Filipinos—young and elderly, men, women and gays, students and professionals, laborers and business executives—accept her as their queen and support her journey all the way! It would boost her self-awareness if she internalizes what her fans have loved about her: that in the backdrop of the complex geopolitical web of global migration, Arab- Israeli conflict, fratricidal war in Mindanao and societal disdain for children of unwanted pregnancies, emerged a beautiful woman who does not show any hint of bitterness but conveys in her own inimitable way the message of “reaching out” and “unconditional love” to those who despite human frailties have made her earthly existence possible, and moulded her into what she is today.

      • Unfortunately, her camp is not capable of doing this for her—connecting her personal story & journey to bigger ideas to showcase a woman who has become confident & empowered despite the bad cards & history she was dealt with.

        I mean, remember Rachel Peters’ Miss Universe video? In the video, Rachel was someone who loved the beach & had a coffee shop … instead of a woman who loves nature & was committed to its preservation, as well as a female entrepreneur creating livelihood opportunities for local farmers & artisans by showcasing their coffee & products in her coffee shop 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

        Peters got in because of votes but overall her energy & presentation at Universe came across as … half-assed.

        I hope KF will prove me wrong, but for me their specialty is still primarily Miss Earth & International (3 winners—2005, 2013, 2017). Their misses at Universe demonstrate they still haven’t figured out how to train their talents for that stage.

        I wish them well with Gazini. But I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t make it further than Top Ten. At the same time, I want KF to sampal my RBF with a Gazini who shows up at Universe with an empowered & confident & modern stylish vibe.

      • Please tell us how Gazini won. So much has gone into what she needs to do to improve her communication skills. Many believe that there is nothing wrong with her communication skills. So who is right and who is wrong.
        Lets look at it at this angle. Gazini was the last girl to make the cut, she was the 40th candidate, she was the last or one of the last girls to make the Q&A cut during pageant night. ( she did not answer the question , her answer was something that she as memorized)She was the last girl to receive a crown during the crowning (the Miss Universe crown). It was in her fate to get this crown. Plain and simple.
        Gazini’s camp is not interested in major improvements they have to act in the present. She is the cash calf and they need to milk this for as long as they can.

      • Now that the anxiety is building up over Gazini’s the noticeably weak self-expression, her handlers should do something urgently while there is still time. Her backstory is compelling enough to arouse global interest in her. She just have to embrace it and be self-assured that millions love her for that. If she knows herself fully well, inside thoughts and ideas come out naturally. The world does not care if she expresses it in the language she is most comfortable with– Taglish or Cebuano-lish. Remember: the Latinas got crowns in halting English, and Miss Vietnam almost clinched the crown last year despite being ridiculed for her English. What did all of them possess? Self- confidence. They did not allow language handicap to limit their self-expression. As we say in Tagalog: “Sige lang! Nosibalasi!”

  2. If this is not our time yet to clinch the back to back win for miss universe, so bet it! This will be our driving force to supreme in the world of beauty pageants. Seems like a difficult feat to achieve but I believe it is just a matter of time. If Gazini could not fulfill our elusive dream of winning this battle, let us be thankful of what she can offer. It is never her fault to represent our county in this most prestigious beauty pageant in the planet. She just proved herself to be the most deserving one to do it! Let us just put our hopes high in the sky that the likes our Pia and Catriona will grace the binibining pilipinas stage on successive years so we can bag the most sought back to back win!

  3. I told you guys… we cant always win…

    Our best chance of winning a top tier crown is Michele who I admit still needs a bit of trainning when it comes to public speaking.. after her would be the very eloquent Patch who could confidently secure a minimum Top 5 finish at MI.

    For 2nd Tier, Rezham has the greatest chance of winning… it only depends on her if she could slay without fumble till the final round. Same w/ Leren at Miss Globe… that crown is hers to lose… Only a huge fumble could prevent her from winning.

  4. Gaz sure Top 3 all things considered. If pwedeng hilutin then ipanalo nila ito. If not, eh 1st Runner Up. MUO will milk Philippines/SMA/Chavit/Jonas et al. Why not?

    Patch and Michelle Dee are our highest chances of winning this year. Let us see.

  5. Ako nag comment na Kung ano man direksyon ng training ng reyna ko Mas tutukan Yun pagiging engaging nya. Alam nyo format ng miss u. Walang nanglalait Kay gaz dahil kapwa pilipino natin syapero Oct na in 5 days. Kung puro wow wow tayo kahit may elephant in the room.
    Hindi porket supporter di na natin I wish na mag improve sya
    Pinakamaganda na mup si gaz in the recent years wag nyo sayangin.

    • @ Ramon Lua Bad timing, Mr. Lua. I’m on BEAST MODE right now. 🙂

      Jazz’s competitiveness, good for her. I have said as much before.

      But it’s also true that MUO cannot YET afford to be “charitable-generous”. Their BOTTOM LINE first!

      What BIG corporation would get Jazz as an endorser? For example, Catriona for SMART, Jollibee, and BDO, Pia for GSM, Megan for Security Bank, and Kylie for SM. Dios mio, not one Filipina ME has ever landed a HUGE endorsement deal!

      IF CCBPI, Golden Arches (McDonald’s Philippines) or UNILAB would be willing to take Jazz in, then GO. Tell Paula Shugart we can keep her afloat for another year. I think it was scorg (?) who said articulateness is what gets the high–profile jobs. Otherwise, be a starlet like 4M who was the unwitting recipient of the salivary salvo of our most recent MI. BAWAL ANG BA_LA’NG PIKON.

  6. Whats on sma mind to choose gazini as mup? Yes everything can be trained. But what is easiet and more successful to train with in 6 months? speaking skills or catwalk/pasarela? Of course the pasarela training. Body. Poise. Make up and styling at pak na pak na awrahan mas kayang ma train successfuly with in 6 months compare sa speaking skills. And while mu is near its like im still cant believed that girls who have almost total package in terms of MU qualities was placed on a lower titles. Samantha. Rae bae and patch. But i choose samantha lo among the 3 that i wished to be send in miss universe. Damn! Samantha can give us a good fight in miss universe. Iba pa rin talaga yung tipo na d ka masyado kakabahan sa chances ng pambato natin. Yung ma fe feel mo yung sinabi ni pia na trust the process. We can trust the process but how about the outcome? Kay cat feel mo that you really can trust both. And thats what i felt to samantha lo. Pero kay gazini ewan ko ba. If same format last year ang mu this year. Gazini need to prepare what she will say on the ist round that will make her advance for the next rounds. Cat focused the childrens on her speech. Gazini can connect her backstory etc etc that lead her to choose elderly advocacy. Im sure makakaadvaance yan sa next rounds. Tamang landi during eg and ss sure top 5 yan. Bahala na sya Q&A. I cant find confidence everytime iininterview sya parang mahiyain and while shes talking she looks like parang nahihirapan syang magsalita dahil banat na banat ang face nya sa mga pinag gagawa sa face nya. Yes Mahinhin sya magsalita but still lacks of confidene. Merong mga mahihin magsalita pero kita mo ang confidence sa pagsasalita pero sa kanya d mo makita . Kita mo sa eyes nya yung beautiful soul nya. Down to earth. Pero confidence hinde notice.

    • @ Jed ‘Eto na nga ba sinasabi ko, ‘eh. Dapat ni-Runner na muna si Jazz sa BBP19. Ta’s, either Rae Bae or Paulina Ashley Crawford for MUP. Heck, I even lobbied for Samantha Bernardo!

      This collective ambivalence lessens Jazz’s desirability to corporate sponsors, thus casting doubts on her prospects as a moneymaker for WME-IMG.

      As it is, MUO seems determined to milk Catriona and us dry for all we are worth.

      But yep, Mdme. SMA has spoken and it is what it is.

      And honestly after much thought, I think the one who was not at this event stands the best chance at winning her pageant mission. Intercontinental is too small a brand for it to elicit significant, even noticeable, criticism for a Filipinas B2B. On merit alone, Emma Tiglao is reliable and proven. 🙂

    • No one to blame but SMA. Di updated with the competencies needed of a Miss Universe winner.

      • Ryan u cant buy eloquence
        It’s mainly inherent . But may improve with yrs of training . Look at Michelle Aldana and maybe Regine V

  7. As someone has said here before, Gazini is being coy lol. Again, it’s so easy to fall into expectations that she should be another Catriona. Eh ba’t ka naman magdadaldal kung kakaunti lang nga naman alam mo?? Let the girl form her own opinions and allow that to come out naturally. She is what she is.If the pressure on Catriona was great, the pressure on Gazini is greater think about that and the awful burden of a back to back. If she can’t become her own person, then she’ll never shine on that stage.

    But here you can see that she’s unfazed- there’s more poise in the way she engages and answers questions. If there is more to say, then she’ll say it- ba’t niyo pinipilit?? Not every answer needs to be a message about peace, an answer to climate change and a condemnation of stupid world leaders all in one.

    And Patch- hmmmm- Kylie wants her look back, but then we know this template has worked before so why not? But more than a face, Patch can hold her own intellectually and if she softens herself just a tad more, MI will definitely want another titleholder from the Philippines.

    Leren- one word- STUNNING.

  8. Leren- I love what Leren is wearing… that colorful modern butterfly sleeve dress looks very chic and her HMU looks so polished… She’s so ready to slay at Miss Globe.

    Resham- Her androgynous ensemble looks so creative… very formal yet casual… I love the message its sending.. I think she has the greatest chance of winning Miss Supra.

    Patch- I love her gorgeous classy look… A sure Top 5 finish at MI.. I wish hair was a couple of inches longer so she wouldnt have to swipe her hair back too much.

    Sam- What the tweed is she wearin?! Good thing her bubbly personality always shines through. People don’t understand that Venezuela was not bombed and there are no millitary skirmish going on… What they had is an economic war where in the lower class are victims. But it is pretty safe compared to countries occupied by terrorists.

    Emma-where is she?!

    • U maybe right abt Michelle
      But I feel like there were more facially attractive girls in the competition . Even her walk and overall presentation was surprisingly weak considering both Melanie and Wynwyn were known for their excellent pasarela
      I think Loren and Emma have the best chance then Patch and Sam .. then Resham and Gazini

      • Emma has the best chance of placing 1st runner-up. A back2back may not be impossible but it’s still a bit far-fetched.

  9. During the bbp journey I was sticking na mup talaga ang pinaka dyosa thinking MA train maging maboka ang maganda. But its October na po. She might have been advised less talk less mistake but it doesn’t work that way example ko na Lang si ponkan kahit hindi first language ang English kuda Lang ng anything under the sun. I’m not that keen on patch bec hindi arresting beauty pero kuda talaga and she looks like she really likes what she is doing. I’m sure of a tough 5 for patch. Si Sam lo arresting beauty at matalino yet hindi pageant ready katawan Sana di na mapansin ni angkol Yun.
    Most likely to win si raebae
    Wag naman Sana na tough 20 Lang tayo dahil nag one sentence ang dyosa. I train nyo naman na mag 4 sentence man Lang w one on one w Steve harveyPara maka tough 10 dahil expert na sya dun sa long gown at swimwear

  10. Ms Universe PH doesn’t seem like the most engaging person to talk to.
    Something is lacking. I am not bashing her okay, it’s just an observation based on her interviews.
    A Ms. Universe is the spokesperson and ambassador of the MUO and must know how to socialize well with the public ✌️
    Wishing her luck in her MU journey🤞

  11. Gazini my queen alam mo gaano kita ka fave. Wag patay dugo dapat di na kailangan mag probe nung nag I interview. Parang recitation dapat raise ur hand I know the answer. Ganda Ganda mo na. Kung spontaneous ka iyo na korona
    Patch is so gracious as in and ms supra ph Rae looks like cherrie Gil in a good way
    Sam lo so impressive ng mga still shits mo sa ig. Ito na last chance manalo tayo NG gintong Korona Sana maganda na at matalino pinadala natin kulang Lang sa indak at toning mgi queen na

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