12 comments on “Happy Birthday, Queen P!

  1. Im one of the lucky ones who witnessed her victory in vegas. Just seems like yesterday.

  2. She’s realy making gold and making us proud out of the platform of the opportunity was given… Now that is a smart queen. Her social media campaigns are very innovative and highly effective. I am surprised that she’s able to escalate the glamour every year in a steep upward trajectory…
    I hope she could maintain this kind of image for decades to come just like Cher.

    Happy birthday Queen P!

  3. I still love her since her BBP days till now, i still believe she’s really a modern Filipina. ang taas at ang layo ng narating, pero ang relatable niya pa rin at parang abot kamay lang siya. ung tipong walang keme keme. baklang bakla pa rin. hehe

    Happiest Birthday, P!

  4. Malapit na matanggal sa kalendaryo si PAW.

    Nice dress. Very Josephus Thimister x Iris Van Herpen 1950’s. Who designed it?

    At belated hb, Mr. Tinio. 🙂

  5. Happy bday sa Reyna. I saw your potential since day 1 na nanalo ka may pagpupursige ganun din nakita ko Kay inday gaz

  6. Happy birthday to a Miss Universe who never never gave up on her dreams!!! You’re such an inspiration to “thick-skinned” people like me (or others call us “kapal mukha” in Tagalog or “naning” in Bisaya). You never let others put you down and I salute you for that. Thank you very much!!! More blessings to you and your family 🙂

  7. Hard to believe it’s been 4 years! Happy BDay Miss P… and thank you again for representing us all so very, very well.

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