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  1. That Mak Tumang jumpsuit is ❤

    though i'm, still waiting for her to wear other Filipino designers aside from JearsonD and Mak Tumang. Sabi niya kasi she'll be showcasing the Filipino Designers globally.

    Anyway, Still looking gorgeous as everr…

  2. OMG, just like Pia, Catriona was also asked by an interviewer in Dubai “What is the Tagalog for World Peace?” And she also didn’t know the answer. But luckily, she is confidently beautiful to admit that she doesn’t know. But that is ok… Even most Tagalogs do not know. I have a feeling the interviewer is already aware of it since she is Arabic.

    Ok listen girls, take note of this:

    Guess what? The TAGALOG for “World Peace” is also “Salamat!”. Yes we have always used it to express gratitude that it became the equivalent to saying “Thanks” but we forgot it’s original pre-colonial meaning. Based on it’s etymology it is actually from the Arabic word “Salam” which is singular for “Peace” hence it’s plural “Salamat” originaly means “Peace for everyone” AKA “World Peace” therefore, using it to acknowledge someone who provided you with kindness also doubles as a reminder that kindness leads to “Peace for all”. 🙂

    Meanwhile, the more indiginuous FILIPINO term is quite a mouthfull hence it is rarely used:

    “Pangdaig-digang Kapayapaan!” which literaly translates to “World Peace”.

    And the longer yet slightly more vernacular:
    “Kapayapapaan sa buong sanlibutan” which literaly translates to “Peace to/of the whole universe” which is quite redundant since “san-libutan” is from “isa(ng)” meaning “(of) one” and “libutan” meaning “the farthest one could tour/travel”.

    Please, MEMORIZE it! Hahaha
    I hope Gazini would be able to answer it when she’s asked.

    • Other versions would be:

      “Kapayapaan sa Daigdig” which literaly means
      “Peace to (the) world”.

      “Kapayapaan ng Daigdig” meaning
      “Peace of (the) world”.

      “Kapayapaan sa/ng sansinukob” meaning
      “Peace to/of (the) universe”. “Sansinukob” is from “isa(ng)” meaning “(of) one” and “sinukob” meaning “to envelop” referring to as far as the sky occupies or envelopes.

    • C2F, it’s unthinkable for a Filipino not to know the Tagalog for “World Peace” because it is a very common greeting during Christmas, in the paraphrase “Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men”. It is almost unforgivable for beauty queens not to know the vernacular (Tagalog or Cebuano or Ilocano) for “peace” because it is the traditional mouthpiece of those vying for a crown, i.e., “for world peace”. Ask any Miss Barangay contestant and they would know. Any peace-loving nation has a vernacular translation of the term. I’m sure the Emirati asked that question because that issue is foremost in their minds, Dubai being constantly dealing with the specter of war.

      • I forgot to mention: for an Arab country where beauty contests are a rarity, if not entirely nonexistent, I am sure their idea of the rationale for pageantry is traditional– “for world peace and understanding”. Only then would the concept of beauty pageants which basically run counter to their religious and cultural beliefs fit into their worldview. It must be quite a disappointment for the Emirati who asked that all-important question not to receive a straight answer from a beauty queen.

      • I agree,

        Well it’s strike 2…

        Question: … Filipino for “World Peace”?…
        Pia answered: …We also say, “World Peace!”

        Somehow Pia was right… since Filipino has a lot of loan words from Spanish and English.. and we rarely use the indeginous term except for Tagalog news reporters and network station IDs during Christmas…

        As for Catriona… Her question was very specific…

        Interviewer: .. What’s the TAGALOG for World Peace?…
        Cat: I dont know…

        I hope Gazini would be able to answer it…
        And it would be much more apealing to the Arab audience if she mentions the etymology of “SALAMAT”.. And majority of South Asians and Indonesians would be able to relate if she uses the Visayan translation which is so much better since it has Tamil/Sanskrit/Prakrit origins. I really do hope that MU would be held in Dubai to give Gazini to have a greater chnace of winning.

  3. Wow, Catriona is traveling well US, TH, IN, SA, CH, KR, PH and now Dubai.

    I have a feeling it would be in Dubai hence BBP picking Gazini who’s half Palestinian w/ an elderly care advocacy.

  4. but no MU host news yet … I hope it is in December and I hope they can just settle with Reno-Tahoe or Las Vegas to be as simple as possible…. Queen Cat may crown a Princess Gaz(m)in …

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