15 comments on “Miss Universe 1973 Margie Moran for the 50th Anniversary of Ballet Philippines

  1. TRIVIA: who was the first Miss Universe to pass away ? ANSWER: Miss Sweden 1955 Mrs. Rombi-Schine killed in a plane crash with her husband and son …

  2. parang magka-edad lang sila ni lupita to think na margie won almost 2 decades earlier than her…

  3. It will takes another hundred years to find another Miss Universe like Margie Moran, beautiful and well educated, she received her master’s degree in University of London. Confidently beautiful with brain.

    • @ Bellona It did not hurt that she married into the Floirendos of Davao.

      Kaya please lang — i-set na ng date sina Mayor Vico at Cat. 🙂

      Grey – Sotto nuptials, with Ayamazing as one of the bridesmaids and Vandave Paragas as ring bearer.

  4. Trivia: Margie Moran has a distant African-American ancestor while Megan Young has a distant Japanese ancestor… Wala lang share ko lang… hehehe

    • How did you get that info?
      I would like to know my ancestors if genealogy is available and credible im the Philippines

      • Google Ethnicelebs..

        Margie is 1/8th African-American while Megan’s is a member of the Ursua clan who’s progenitor is a Japanese Christian migrant during the Spanish era.

  5. Wow.. Ayaw magpatalo ni Miss Margie kay Pia as fashion Icon… I love the whole ensemble.. so simple yet impactful… beautiful, timely, elegant!

  6. Confidently beautiful through the years. A beauty queen’s worth is measured in what she has become after the reign. Margie Moran measures up high on my list.

  7. Trust a ballerina to turn in a SOLID pasarela.

    I will say it again. Cassandra Chan for Ms. Eco-Filipinas 2021!

    Mdme. Moran, who was blanc? Who was noir? Odille? Odette?

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