8 comments on “The Empowered Women of Mrs. Philippines Globe 2019

    • Hahaha!, you really don’t run out of crazy ideas! But come to think of it, a pageant for husbands may be sensible, too. And if they talk about empowerment, I hope it’s not about getting more traction vs the wife (or the wives!).

  1. Pageantry must really be a profitable business that they keep on sprouting everywhere, focusing not just on females, but also males, children, transgenders and now– married women! I won’t be surprised if there will soon be launched a grandmother beauty pageant. All it takes is to adopt an advocacy as a promotional handle, and presto– you’re in business.

    • Mrs. Grandma Universe Philippines 2017 Agnes Jakosalem is the first Filipino to win Mrs. Grandma Universe 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

      • OMG! So there indeed is Grandma beauty contest. I have yet to research its advocacy. I hope its version of empowerment is focused on the forgotten senior citizens in many societies. If not, these contests are missing the opportunity of presenting the noble concept of holistic beauty.

  2. We heard a million times promoting empowering women in every beauty pageant. I think you don’t have to be a beauty queen and you don’t need a political title to help women in every community in the country. Our country needs more permanent not contractual, stable and high paying job for women that is good enough to bring food in the kitchen table. If you really have a good intent to empowering women let us bring back our mothers, aunties, sisters and cousins who are working abroad. Let this women utilize their talents, skills, and ability for a better future of our country. Huwag gamiitin ang patimpalak para sa sariling kapakanan lamang.

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