3 comments on “Hannah Arnold: A Muse for One Earth Organics

  1. That One Earth Organics took a Binibini aspirant as image model, and not the winner or any candidate of the Miss Earth Phils, says something about the lackluster reach of ME’s advocacy. As I write this reply today, millions of youth around the world walked out of their classrooms and took to the streets in global climate action– a swift shift from fossil fuels toward clean energy, halting deforestation, protecting the world’s oceans and embracing more sustainable agriculture. I wonder where is Miss Earth in all of these.

    • The BEST way we ALL can help is to LESSEN OUR TOLL ON THE PLANET BY SIMPLIFYING OUR DAILY LIVES. Question is, do those kids TRULY understand what that entails? I imagine it is not easy when you are at that stage in life when you crave excitement and adventure with fast Internet convenience….

      Precious metals needed for our mobile technology are extracted via topography-devastating mining techniques and has even become a global economic bargaining tool at China’s behest!

      Carousel and their pageant brand suffer image problems/issues and their perceived status quo stubbornness does not help in getting REALLY good sponsors. A CHANGE will be good for them.

      • The hottest global issue today is climate change due to environmental degradation. Miss Earth brand seems unable to ride the crest of this tidal wave of calls for action. Tree planting photo ops and promoting SM’s eco bags will not give their environment advocacy a significant lift.

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