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  1. as more and more MU reps are crowned, Gaz faces tougher and tougher competition but from the picture above, she is still my top bet for the MU crown..

    Spain just crowned their rep and she is gorgeous !
    My top 5 for Europe:

    I only have 3 so far in Asia-Africa
    Sierra Leone

    I have a sure twosome in the Americas

  2. The most beautiful picture of her yet, in a stunning background of beautiful flowers. I pray she will win the title. Gazini reminds me of my wife when we were married many years ago so we are putting

  3. I have a feeling Vietnam would at least reach the top 10.. specialy due to the geo-political events their countries got entangled with lately aside from the fact that both are gorgeous and can become a good spokesperson…BUT based on sash factor and continental slots, Vietnam is weak against other heavy favorites.

    Puerto Rico for me is not that pretty…
    It’s only her sash factor and comskills that made me place her in the top 5 and she could be replaced by South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Mexico or Colombia.

    Possible Top 15:
    Brazil, Thailand, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Philippines
    South Africa, Indonesia, Mexico, Ireland, USA, Colombia, Germany, Venezuela, Croatia, Albania,

    My current Top 5:
    Ireland, Thailand, Brazil, Philippines, Puerto Rico.

  4. Gazini looks sooooooo much more beautiful when her hair is styled with curls and body waves matched with glowing but light make-up. The flat straight hair is nice but she doesn’t look her best in that style – she looks very plain and underwhelming. She needs to re-invent herself if she wants to get that back-to-back title. I think Pia’s current stylists can give Gazini’s team some good advice on this….

  5. I think MOU will look for a winner sa ibang continent naman siguro. So, any podium finish for our bet is fine.

  6. Wow, Gazini is indeed in it to win it! I love her overall look in this photo.

    For the past couple of months after her coronation as the Philippines’ representative to the forthcoming Miss Universe, Gazini has been around the buzz showing and telling us about everything she’s going on. Her media team keeps on posting her OOTDs as well as her studio shots about the latest fashion trends, leaving us curiosity on the fashion items she’s gonna bring in the most prestigious pageant on earth. I love the way she teases and brings excitement to every pageant fan.

    No doubt, Gazini is working hard to meet everyone’s expectation for her to pull a back-to-back triumph in Miss Universe for the Philippines. If Venezuela did it, why Philippines can’t? India, USA, Colombia, and South Africa are the countries that almost got the back-to-back fame.

    I understand she is serious about improving her communication skills, and her ability to think on her feet. Preparations on pasarela, camera projection, and hair-and-make up have become her routine assignments of late, so we expect that come Miss Universe season, she is ready.

    You go, girl!

    That’s all.

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