25 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2019 Michelle Marquez Dee on CNN Philippines

  1. Enjoy your MW journey in London. You will be another addition of PH clappers in the history of MW.

  2. Kaboses ng nanay (Melanie Marquez) niya lalo na if you listened to the interview with your eyes closed.
    Wishing Ms World PH and the other Philippine representatives the best of luck in their pageants 👍

  3. Buti na lang walang avenue for bashing sa panahon ni Gilrhea Quinzon, Katherine Annwen de Guzman, etc.

  4. I think she would make a great MUP and MU. I like the sincerity in her demeanor and answers, and the physical beauty doesn’t hurt. But, alas, it’s MW first and its nonsense fast tracks.

  5. I love Michelle Dee, she has all the goods to win Miss World, if not, there is always BB, right Cat? But Vanessa Mae Walters, please comeback and join again MWP or MPU After your studies at Harvard, just beautiful and articulate ❤️👑

  6. She’s exotic, elegant, athletic, articulate and champions autism! She “should” excel in several fast-tracks at MW enroute to a very high placement (if not the highest).

    A truly refreshing and much needed MWP!
    Julia, baby, take note please.

  7. Wait na lang natin ang tambiyolo ni manay hulya for the next Mess World Cooking Show…

  8. I like Michelle’s voice. She’s cool calm and collected. She just needs a little bit more ooomp during a panel interviews.

    I also like that she knows to review the rulebook. Hello Katarina and team…hihihi

  9. Ang Ganda ni Michelle sa interview veery regal. 2 months to prepare hmm maybe that’s the lady we need to place someone who is not trained thoroughly

  10. The last photo here shows how tall Michelle is. Iba talaga kapag matangkad, queenly ang dating compared to the rest of the winners who are almost in the same cuts…pandak. Kaya pagdating sa international pageants ay kuntodo suot sila ng 5 to 6 inches tall na pageant shoes to look and stand taller.

  11. I am a late reactor here–I know–insofar as MWP is concerned. I must admit that I have not followed on this year’s version of the pageant unlike the previous years. That is notably because I lost interest on following Miss World pageant after the Cat G mess in 2016. But, hey, I am not totally soaked with disinterest on MWP at all! This means I still knew that Michelle Dee, the daughter of Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez, was joining. And I already predicted that she might be going home with the MWP crown.

    I watched Michelle Dee’s performance and other frontliners’ on Youtube na lang. My overall impression is that, well, she deserves to be the winner because of her beauty, elegance (she had a lot of this), bearing, confidence, and good communication skills. Although she hanged for her supposed last words in the final QnA, still, the meat was there. We knew how spontaneous she could become.

    As regards her chances of clinching the MW crown, I’d say she can do well there. I am confident of her beauty because it’s very distinct from the Filipina prototype we annually send from more than ten years ago to this Morley pageant. Her Maria Rafaela Verdadero Yunon-vibe is screaming, and I thought it’s a lot refreshing to send a morena beauty to the MW arena. I bet Julia Morely will love her.

    I just have a soft kick on her winning, the same other pageant enthusiasts have already observed. Here it goes, bebe —

    It’s very unfortunate that Michelle joined the pageant tainted with issues on credibility. Notwithstanding the fact that she is a deserving winner, the same would not overturn the intrigues that the MWPO, headed by his manager ALV, favored her a lot. I just hoped that a little delicadeza on the part of ALV should come into play. Worst, he was very omnipresent and even announced… in. the. reverse. order… the winners. Dang! Indeed, judges’ presence was overshadowed or brushed aside by him.

    Anyway, good luck on your MW journey, Michelle!

    That’s all.

  12. The disqualification of Katarina’s BWAP is so heartbreaking. I hope it wont happen again and learn from the mistake from last year.

  13. Told you you’re gona win! Hehehe

    Next stop the blue crown…. I think you’ve already mastered all aspects of pageantry except one thing… PUBLIC SPEAKING! You need to be more confident… and just stay true to yourself! Any Q&A would be easy peazy for you if you stick to your story… If you focus on your advocacy and forget about neigh sayers, that bubbly personality would automaticaly come out… Watch all the Q&A trainnings of Boy Abunda with the previous queens.. particularly her trainning with Pia and of course, Catriona… I’m sure you would learn a lot.. Remember, focus on your advocacy cause you already have the goods for everything else! Tell us your story, your family, your siblings… We Filipinos are already aware of it but it’s time for you to tell the whole world about it and I’m sure the whole world would also fall in love with you. You also need a little tweaking on the make-up and styling but I know soon, you would make us all proud!

  14. I will assume she currently has no jowa. A GURL who grew up in a farm (Utah), who deferred pageantry, and gives her 200% will intimidate not a few potential suitors. But then, who needs wimps?

    The MAN for MMD must at once be humble while possessing the ability to slaughter and butcher an ox. Then offer its still-beating puso to her.

    (Jack Heslewood is so cringing right now. LOLOLOLZ.)

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