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  1. Ms. Jerelleen Rodriguez, beautiful, tall 5′ 6″ and talented a CPA and an Accounting Professor

    Candidate #25 Bb. Pilipinas 2018 – unplaced
    Candidate #19 Miss World Philippines 2018 – unplaced
    Candidate #11 Jewel of the Philippines
    United Continents Philippines 2018 -winner

    Representatives of Philippines to Miss United Continents

    1. Christina Montero Devries – 5′ 7″ Miss United Continents Philippines 2013
    Miss Photogenic, Miss United Continents 2014
    2. Anabel Christine Tia – 5′ 7″ Miss United Continents Philippines 2014
    Miss Photogenic and Top 10 Finalist, Miss United Continents 2015
    3. Jeslyn Santos – 5′ 7″ MIss United Continents Philippines 2015
    Winner, Miss United Continents 2016
    4. Romellean Joy Pontino – 5′ 7 Miss United Continents Philippines 2016
    Unplaced, Miss United Continents 2017
    5. Sarah Jireh Asido – 5′ 7″ Miss United Continents Philippines 2017
    Unplaced, Miss United Continents 2018
    6. Jerelleen Rodriguez- 5′ 6″ Miss United Continents Philippines 2018
    _____________, Miss United Continents 2019

      • I checked several articles about her she listed her height as 5′ 6″ and 5′ 6″ 1/2. For so many years now Bb. Pilipinas Organizations always guessing the height of their candidates every year. They claimed that candidate so and so is 5′ 9″ the fact she is only 5′ 7″.

  2. Hmm, why is she wearing a trench coat??? Last time i check Philippines is a tropical island nation….lol………

    • Eh ano bang gusto mong suotin niya? naka sando lang? pag pasok niya sa eroplano?malamig so sweater? pagkalayo layong biyahe… at least naka glam sya.. yung muk-ap lang ang kapansin pasin. Di na blend 45 ang kape

  3. Daming mga hanashhh.
    Ok naman yung outfit nya at mukhang Latina.
    Puedeng manalo ang dating.
    Swertehan din lang yan minsan parang sugal that you win some and you lose some hihihi😆cherette

  4. One of the few intellectually-gifted candidates to ever join the local pageantry scene, Jereleen is at last carrying the Philippine sash abroad. I know she will bring to the contest the rarely highlighted dimension of a Filipina beauty queen—the brainpower and the dynamism to effect change. Good luck, Jereleen!

  5. Anlalaki ng mga accessories, lalo na yung earrings, medyo o sobrang distracting na, kahit dun sa maliit na photo yun unang nakikita hihi, but, yeah, best of luck and do us proud.

  6. What the… I don’t get why she’s dressed this way. It’s hot in Manila and even in Guayaquil right now.

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