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  1. Sir Norman, sino sino sa tingin nyo ang pwedeng sumali sa BBP 2020 sa mga hindi pinalad?

  2. Glyssa & Isabel gave tgr most crisp, clear & concise answers.

    Re the judge who asked Ms Day the question on her fave food, what was she thinking.? Ms. Day’s beauty, candor & personality saved her from what would have been another viral moment.

  3. Michelle, Kelley, Katrina and Vanessa are at par, if not better, than the Binibini winners.

  4. This is an MWP batch made strong by the presence of intellectually-endowed contestants– top board examiners, a Harvard student, university grads with Latin honors, accomplished career women. For MW derby placing a premium on cerebral power and capacity for grassroots immersion (thru BWAP program), it seems that MWP applied the same traditional emphasis on physical beauty.

  5. Glaiza looks very pretty….I thought she’ll get something higher crown (what did she win?) Is that a new title? Anyway, I also noticed that #26 WASN’T HOLDING Vanessa’s hand during the announcement and yet hold the other candidate hand when Vanessa got a crown…..??? just my observation. LOL.

    • #26 was one of my locks for one of the crowns coz she was gorgeous but she didn’t register well onstage and seemed to have a personality that was as tepid as lukewarm water. She should try Bb.

  6. Congrats to Ms Dee.

    Hoping for PH’s second MW crown pero masaya na ako if she would reach any podium finish sa MW finals.

  7. Bakit mukhang low quality yung crowns.
    Sobrang downgrade compared sa time na si Cory Quirino yung franchise holder

  8. there are many BBP potential girls in this batch many of them newbies hope they all consider joining BBP next year or in the next editions….im satisfied with the results.

  9. In another note, OMG Marco Gumabao…hihihihi sobrang init dun…. He should join Mister World I think he could win it!

  10. Congrats Michelle!!! That Llegarda girl should join BBP and the Teen Eco is stunning! I think Michele will do well at MWP. She has modelesque looks that might be her weapon for the Top Model competition. I hope that Aces and Queens learn from Katarina’s last year. Dapat alam ang rules at laging game.

    • Pwedeng-pwede sumali sina Kelly Day, Vanessa Walters and Karen Llegarda for Binibini. Very beautiful talaga sila at malakas ang datingan.

  11. Well, it has come to this.

    The Filipinas Nationals pageantry has “devolved” into a TV network showdown between 2 (BBP) and 7 (MWP), with a show business career as the ultimate prize.

    Mabuti na lang Thia Thomalla looks like Anne Hathaway. And Wynn (2x) .ALV BADLY NEEDS A MW CROWN, para may ipantapat siya sa PiaCat ng 2-BBP.

  12. Not really surprised that one of the weakest MWP batches produced one of the most facially weakest Miss World Philippines in decades. Just because she’s a GMA artist. Oh well.

    • Excuse me! Weakest batches? I thought they were all really elegant, stunning, beautiful and brainy especially Michelle Dee. One of the ladies was even from Harvard and some are top of their board exams. Michelle at 5′ 10″ will surely shine at MW. Sorry, but to tell you the truth a beauty like Katarina’s is too common abroad, believe me, so many facially like her here in America (that is why she didn’t win). Megan Young is mestiza but she still had that kind of exotic beauty that belies her Filipina roots. Trust me, Michelle will shine just as her mom did among all the international beauties. I thought her beauty is so unique!!! Wanna bet!

      • Yeah, let’s bet. If she didn’t have the Philippine sash and her family background, no one would even notice Michelle. I didn’t think Katarina was all that either… but I at least find her more alluring that this new one who just blends with all the other Asian delegates.

  13. Worst set of winners. Gowns are horrendous 😡 oh well im not expecting anything.Kudosin the production.

  14. Worst set of winners. Who are the designers of their gowns horrendous. Oh well im not expecting anything from them.

  15. What may not be beautiful to us may be beautiful to madame tuli. Kasing Ganda naman ni Michelle Yun first princess Thailand Malay nyo magka Ist or 2nd princess uli tayo care off michelle

  16. I told you guys Michele Dee would win…
    Along w/ Kelley Day & Isabelle De Leon.


    • C2f, Di dyan nagtatapos ang kabanata. That win will be useless if she ends up being a TY girl at MW
      U know what happened to every single Pinay queen who failed to make the semi final cut

      • kung nag-first princess nga yung kavayotic vyuti vago nanalo si meganun? Sige, kayo na ang maganda!

  17. Ang galing ng prediction ni Tito Norman!
    Llegado was the big surprise .
    I thought Michelle would be a TY girl since there were so many more facially pleasing beauties in the competition . And her walk …. Sobrang weak . The only good thing abt her is her showbiz background .

    • Not really! Michelle stood out among the rest – so classy and elegant and just the right walk! Believe me as a Filipina who has lived abroad for over 15 years, I found her beauty to be so stunning. The others are also beautiful, but the mestiza ones would be a common beauty here in America.

  18. Nagbobolahan na naman tayo sa mga comments hihihi para mabigyan ng justice ang pagkapanalo ni Melanie Michelle Dee Marquez hihihi.
    Welcome back me 🙂
    Ako’y nagbabalik para mabigyang buhay ang blog ni Auntie Norman hihihi.
    Gusto ko yung Top Model Winner and Best in EG.
    Puede sya sa BbPilipinas 2021 and Win any of the crowns.
    I’m sad with Rufa Gutierez Nava. Sali lang ng sali girl until you’ll win one National crown 🙂
    C Isabel de Leon ang sure ako mananalo ng international crown for now.
    Naku ha c Madam Vegafria parang c Lola Julia kung magbigay ng Crown pero mabuti na rin yung magkaututang dila sila ni Lola at same brain in chosing the winner at malay mo c Melanie Michelle Dee Marquez na nga ang mag-uuwi ng 2nd Blue Crown ng Philippines Divahhhh hihihi 🙂

  19. Napansin ko na articulate ang majority of the Top 20/22 unlike Bbp na ang daming mapa-iling ka. Was it memorized speech? Parang di naman. Bravo MWP!

  20. Based on the video clips here, the stage is way better than BBP’s. Camera angles are better too, walang nahuhuling mga cameramen na naglalakad sa stage o sa mga sides. Prompters are eye level at di katulad sa BBP na nakatingala ang mga hosts while reading spiels or lines. Ang isa lang di ko gusto sa stage ay ang napakalaking word “Bench/” displayed up there during SS competition.

  21. oh zha zha, wag ka ng umasang manalo sa cooking show ni hulya. sali ka na sa bbpilipinas pero paputiin mo muna ngipin kasi medyo dilawan. dilawan ka ba?

  22. Congratulations to Michelle Dee! Her beautiful Island-Asian brown skin tone and athletic physique are absolutely refreshing! Bravo. If MW is no longer a “beauty” pageant or perhaps “more” than a beauty pageant then Ms. Dee fits the bill.

    Personally, despite Arnold being her manager and her strong pageant pedigree I still feel she would best represent the country in a quest for a second MW title.

    However, Michelle’s expected victory continued the MWP trend by being the clear favorite and “apparent” predetermined winner – as was her predecessors going back to 2011. It takes away the intrigue and suspense that defines pageant rival BbP. Sorry Arnold V.

    Perhaps, BbP needs to reincorporate MWP back into its fold…? Just thinking out loud…🤔

  23. Perhaps ALV got a good deal with the Aranetas as far as (both) hotel and Finals venue is concerned. And indeed, convenient. But not even the recent Mister World could fill it up. Empty seats just look so sad…..

    Perhaps a more intimate one next time, like nearby Kia Theater.

    Katrina Llegado was the Atty. Patitay look-alike in the black-and-white head shots. Speaks Spanish?

    • Ang mahal naman kasi ng tickets for Mr. World. Why waste money for a not-so popular male pageant. It doesn’t even occur every year (nor every 2 years).

  24. keep an eye on Vanessa Mae … she should definitely join Bb , or at least we have another member of the Bb pool who can snatch a major international crown in the foreseeable future , maintaining the dominance of Pinas in pageantry all over the universe for years to come …

    • … I must also say Katarina Rodriguez looks so queenly and so elegant ! INJUSTICE in MW 2018 !

    • Vanessa Mae reminds me of the new Mutya na Pilipinas winner…..I that was her! However, this is the third times I had seen her sporting the same displeased smile/facial expression. It seems like she does not wanted to be there or has no enthusiasm.

      • I agree. Her smile seems pilit. Although I think she’s overrated (she doesn’t deserve the Best in Swimsuit award and be part of the Multimedia Fasttrack), I understand her disappointment. Even though how good she does, she will still be given the Miss Teen Eco International because the other teenagers are not strong enough to make the cut.

  25. There were actually more ladies deserving to win than Michelle Dee. What happened was Michelle was favored by the judges. Michelle’s beauty is not something extraordinary. She just has this ordinary face that wouldn’t permit her a good edge from the others.

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