11 comments on “Dubai-bound Miss Universe Catriona Gray

  1. 😍😍😍 She looks amazing. There are two more pics from this photoshoot. Tito Norms can post it here too.

  2. Cat’s visit to Dubai may well play into MU’s playbook that capitalizes on the global political economy of beauty pageants. It worked well in the Philippines– MU found an entity that can be its springboard to the rest of Asia. Will it work in Dubai?

    • I had to truncate my comment to 3 sentences for it to be accepted by Akishmet! Flor Thule, what is your secret– Akishment seems accommodating to your long comments?

  3. Queen pusa is gorgeous, smart and a force to reckon w. Mag tagalog ako Para wala maka get. Yun tabas talaga NG katawan nya is malaking bulas may angulo na manipis may angulo na dehins

  4. Nakuh eto n nman sabihin n nman sa Dubai ang Miss Universe 2019. Sana nga at para for the first time walang home favorite neutral lahat na contestant. Mahirap lang sa mga residents kaseh muslim country pa din sya.

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