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  1. there were more quality candidates in the Mutya Pilipinas pageant than in this year’s MWP …

  2. In terms of winnability at MW, I think Ilene de Vera should be the choice. That is my opinion. Others may have theirs, and I respect those. Good luck, Ilene!

  3. I feel ilene will get one of the crown. Like I said she is beautiful in motion pero hindi OK sa picture. Michelle face is beautiful. Kayesha is one of my fave during bbp 2018 Sana maka minor crown so she can represent PH internationally
    Im not a fan of Michelle beauty but may angas at sa ibang nasyon she may be beautiful
    Kelly face is a breath of fresh air. How I wish she is 5’8

  4. like i said 2-3 months ago

    Michelle Dee is MWP, kahit absent yan sa finals, sya pa rin win

    Arnold V. is her Talent Manager, mag isip isip naman kayo mga Sis


  5. Snob ng MWP org. ang beauty ni Ilene de Vera, bdi na ako magtataka kung maging clapper sya gaya sa bbp. Sayang nmn brainy pa nmn si girl.

  6. Only some weird divine intervention or an extreme heavy blunder could prevent Michele Marquez Dee from winning the top prize.

    • If u look at it that way , which to me is extremely narrow-minded just like your take on national costumes , u r probably looking at another TY girl at MW . Realize that facial beauty is foremost at this pageant .
      I would prefer to see at MU.

      • The owner of the MWPH org his manager ALV would decide who would win the TOP prize… and I dont think Michel’s Mother Melanie Marquez, former Miss International, would be please if her daughter would recieve anything less than than the MW ph title… As for Miss World, that would be a totaly different story ahead of us.

  7. Actually, madami naman ang maganda ngayon… sa performance lang magkakatalo.
    Si Michelle Dee, hindi sya kagandahan pero malakas ang dating.
    Yung mga hindi papalarin sana subukan nila ang BBP 2020.

  8. No doubt that 2019 will be the victorious year of Miss World Philippines. All the winners this year will surely going to bring home the crowns. I will keep crossing my fingers for you ladies.

  9. Ilene De Vera didn’t place on any fast track. I doubt that she’ll be part of the winning circle. I think a dark horse will rise like from the previous editions (Sophia Seronon and Kimi Mugford).

    • @ Jacob Hhhmmm… Ilene would have been good for Multinational, sana.

      The Indian pageant brand will have HIGH expectations from Philippines as far as eloquence and articulateness are concerned. BOTH Sophia and Kimi did not disappoint.

      ALV should just send the best speaker and we should be OK.

      And if so, it’s GAME OVER for Ilene – Mutya, BBP, & MWP, all now behind her.

      Perhaps another Cebuana pageant veteran – Ena Velasco – in the not-too-distant future? But yes, right now it’s BbC for her. 🙂

      • @Flor I also like Ilene but she gave a lackluster performance the entire run. She already represented our country in MAP-Int’l. That’s something that can’t be taken away from her.

        I like Ena, too. But is she overage already like Wyonah?

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