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  1. Pero sa totoo lang, when it comes to MU ang chachaka ng natco ng pinas.. pero iyong mga pang minor pageants mas maganda pa. or iyong mga nasa baranggay level.. kabaliktaran.. bakit kaya? at may pa secret secret pa silang nalalaman tapos pangit pala kaya nahihiya

  2. Fahsai is an utter darling, She really is. 🙂

    But don’t forget : 2nd RUNNER-UP LANG ‘TO NI POONLERTLARP. Notwithstanding Mareeya’s choppy Question Round performance in Las Vegas two years ago, and considering how the Thai-Swede was HEAVILY hyped to bag Siam’s third MU crown, I believe that the Thai-Canadian now has the additional burden of proving to her own countrymen (and women) that she has the chops to finish what the former started. I hope she has the necessary GRIT for it, too.

    Is TPN commissioning Asava for the evening dress and all? Or, another party? I liked Asava….

    • What abt Verdadero to Isabel Lopez, Janine to Shamcey , Pia to Ara and MJ ?
      Could be Fahsai’s time….. Though she’s facing tough competition from PR Colombia USA and Albania ?

  3. Sa totoong-totoo lang, mas kinakabahan ako kay Miriam Rautert, Miss Universe Germany 2019. Malakas ang laban ng babaitang ito sa Miss Universe. She is facially beautiful at may balingkinitang katawan. I believe she’s a great speaker, too, being a degree holder of Journalism and Corporate Communication.

    I already have a list of the strongest five in the forthcoming MU: Philippines, USA, Colombia, Thailand, and Germany.


    • The MU playbook on capitalizing on the global political economy of beauty pageants worked well in the Philippines. They were able to find a Chavit. They were unsuccessful in South Africa, one of the top economies in Africa. They were unsuccessful in France, the fashion capital of the world and one of the world’s economic powerhouses, due to the low interest in beauty pageants of countries where there is high economic freedom enjoyed by women. If MU sustains the strategy it has started in Thailand last year, good luck shines for Miss Thailand this year. If the legalese of Miss Colombia, Miss Australia and Miss USA, and the journalese of Miss Germany would make for an effective spokesperson and PR specialist in their respective countries’ political economy, I believe they are all shoo-ins for the crown.

      • I’m afraid the only way for Gazini to get into the MU playbook is to make her backstory spin to some interesting discussion points to the rich open economies in the Middle East like Dubai. A remote possibility that maybe, who knows if Gazini’s feature story in the Arab News, Gulf News and Qatar Day, and the floated rumor about Dubai as a possible host city has any connection to this. Can we connect the dots?

      • Well said, Scorg. MU has found a very convenient nest in the Philippines as well as in Thailand. They are also eyeing Indonesia as the next prospect. They almost had it in Europe thru Russia, but something went wrong when MUO was still under Trump. Now that IMG is owned by a Jew, I think it’s a good timing to get Gernany a boost (pero parang ang babaw). Nonetheless, nagagandahan ako sa Miss Universe Germany talaga.

      • @Scorg

        Not possible.. I don’t think MUorg wants to highlight the war in Palestine… Some of the owners of IMG are Jewish and so are some of the Sponsor… even Chi haircare who’s Turkish wouldn’t want want their nane getiing entangled w/ this kind of topic.

  4. So early to divulge MUT Natcos but the actual MU 2019 finals venue isn’t named yet. More trainings and preparations muna Ms. Thailand baka in the end hindi rin pala ikaw ang mananalo. Remember, hindi ikaw si Catriona!

    • veks they always reveal their national costume early… unlike here na pahidehide pa. eh palpak naman hihihihihi

      • @4M

        Baka mala Golden Chicken ala showgirl nanaman ni Rachel Peters?.. or Icecream cake w/ butterfly sleeves kacheapan ni MJ Lastimosa ang PEG? 🙂 …
        Basa-basa din sana sila ng Philippine History pag may time… Dapat talaga major sa Tourism course and History subject sa totoo lang. I’m already prepairing myself for the disapointment.

  5. Ang lakas maka-Maleficent ng headdress, huh! In fairness sa Thailand, talagang taun-taon, eh, pangabog ang NC nila. Ang NC ng Philippines parang hindi ini-effort-an, except ‘yung kay Cat last year pero nagka-malfunction naman. Sana Gazini’s NC will give a super-wow factor, ‘yung tipong kakaiba pero hindi nalalayo sa kultura natin. I agree with C2F below, pero ang sakin naman is common na ‘yung may bitbit na poon. Besides, bringing such stuff on the pageant stage would only invite harsh discussions online, lalo na’t may kinalaman sa relihiyon.

    Btw, parang may issue talaga between Maxine at Kylie, huh! ‘Yung hindi ba pagkasungkit ni Kylie ng MUP, eh, source ng pagka-bitter n’ya para duraan kuno si Maxine sa eksena ng teleserye nila? In fairness ulit, these two beauties are making showbiz round up to say na ramdam ang presence nila. May mga career, huh!

    That’s all!

    • @Ana Winter

      Thanks for echoing my thoughts even when you are also risking yourself in gaining potential haters. To all my haters, I don’t care what you think… I’m more concerned about the future of our country as a whole and the effects of international pageantry to our people.

      As for Pen & Gardo.. Publicity lang yan… para madamay din ang cousin nyang artista na nalagpasan na sa exposure. As for that Bastard, tigil-tigilan na ang lakas magyosi and hilig sa pagkain ng buhay na oyster… Yun lang!

      • Let haters do their stuff. Nasanay na ako kay Angelo Reyes. Hihihi! Nasaan na kaya ‘yun?

        OMG, yosi and oyster, very intriguing! Pero in fairness naman kay Kylie, huh, umaakting ang mata n’ya. I already said this before, malaki ang potential n’yang maging aktres dahil sa kakaibang katangian ng mga mata n’yang nangungusap. Kung si Pia ay pag-i-smize ang talent, si Kylie naman ay mga matang umaakting ang talent. Malay mo, malay nila, at malay nating lahat, nadala nga sa eksena ang hitad kaya napa-spit s’ya sa beautiful face ng Maxine. Sabihin na nating for publicity purposes lang ang lahat ng ito, pero effective pa rin, huh, nabigyan sila ng space sa print at online. At any rate, ‘di rin pala sila invited sa ABS-CBN Ball. Does that mean starlet pa rin sila sa bakuran ng Dos dahil nga ‘di sila pinag-aksayahan ng panahon na imbitahin? I am pretty sure ‘yung current BbP titleholders, eh, inimbitahan.

        Say mo? Say mo daw, o! That’s all.

      • @Ana

        Hahaha.. baka kaya gumawa ng issue e para ma invite.. tapos pagdating sa interviews puro deny.

        Btw, smoking and live oysters <—– I'm talking about a dude..

  6. Iba talaga ang gawa ng mga Thailanders sa kanilang national costume tuwing may patimpalak. Huwag daw kayo mag-alala mga kababayan dahil ang pambato ng Pilipinas ay magsusuot ng kakaiba daw sa isuot ng mga Pilipina na dating lumahok sa Miss Universe. Sigurado po daw lahat ay mapapamangha sa disenyo at halaga, wala paw daw nagsusuot ng ganoon at handa daw niyang sasabihin “Raise your flag Steve”

    • I hope so… and I hope the historical background is well-researched. The national costume competition is a great opportunity and platforn to showcase the BEST about our culture and not the worst.

      • @Miss Tisa

        Paasa naman mga yan… Mala Golden Chicken and 3in1 Icecream nanaman yan as usual. 😀

        Kung ako sayo Gazini.. ihanda mo na sarili mo sa kahihiyan…. You don’t have to read the hatefull comments… Makakarating at makakarating lahat ng sinasabi ko about you kahit ano gawin mo. 🙂

  7. Miss Norms, you’ve been up close to Paweensuda. Does she give frontrunner vibes in person as she does on media? It’s hard to look away from her when she’s on stage… she was the obvious winner in Miss Thailand.

      • Thanks for the note! I’m pro-Gazini of course, but I have to be fair and give praise where it’s due. I think Paweensuda’s the one to beat this year. Any idea if Pinoys are training her?

      • Actually, there is one Pinoy helping in her training, but not on a full-time basis. The team backing her up is still all-Thai.

  8. That’s an amazing modern interpretation of that ghost festival costume.. Very authentic yet avant garde w/ a hint of Maleficent.. I love it… their costumes never fails to amaze the world.

    I hope Gazini’s costume inspiration would not disapoint…. Well anything she picks now would surely be a huge improvement in comparisson to her Santo Niño festival costume inspiration that wreaks of ignorance of Philippine history. Again, why showcase how gullible the Filipino natives were?! But yeah I know… Who can blame them?… Even people who celebrate it are also naive of that fact. I hope BBP org steps-in in picking the inspiration of her costume because her team is obviously unreliable when it comes to that aspect.

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