29 comments on “BTS: Bb. Pilipinas Globe 2019 Leren Mae Bautista and her latest photoshoot

  1. Sa Sunday na ba ang finals ng Miss World Philippines?
    Parang wala lang!
    Pati si sir Norman mukhang wala na din yata interes, bihira ang posts nya about MWP.

  2. If I rank the girls based on chances of winning:

    1. RESHAM
    2. LEREN
    3. BEA
    5. EMMA
    6. GAZINI

  3. She looks fresh. This is the best picture that I ever seen. Her picture speaks for itself that she is ready to conquer the earth, universe, and world, the globe rather.

  4. Masyadong ibinaba yung damit na halos lumuwa na ang dibdib! Sino ba ang may pakana nyan? Sasabunutan ko!
    Jusmio ang ganda ganda ni Leren, pero di ako sang ayon sa ayos nya dito. Sorry!

  5. Hagardo Versoza ang peg. Parang galing naturbo ang tuyot. Not impressed. Although maganda naman talaga ang babaitang ito at uhaw kaya she will do well.

  6. Leren will look great in the Oxana gown back in MU 2002 … or better yet, Gaz will look fantastic in that Oxana gown !!!

  7. For me Leren should try acting after her reign. Iba kasi Yun Mata nangungusap. Maybe she will even have acting chops that will impress.

  8. So beautiful. The left bust looks like a close-call nip-slip but i think it’s just a inside fabric of the dress.

  9. Excellent highlighting of her features.. she’s beautiful to begin with and both Leren and her team are really stepping it up.

    I like the fire in her eyes, always. She gives a vibe that she’ll fight for the crown.

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