8 comments on “Mr & Miss Chinatown Philippines 2019 Winners

  1. napaka conservative naman ng sweamwear!
    Sana pinag-trunks ang mga boys. Wala tuloy tayong maaninag na bukol hihihi!
    Anyare kay Lorraine Cho? Bakit 2nd runner up lang?
    Pero sa mga boys, sa umpisa pa lang tapos na ang laban! Si Jonah Chantong na talaga ang runnaway winner.
    Congrats to all the winners

      • @ 4M Ganern? ‘K, fine. Game!

        For the ladies, “micro-tanga” with PLUNGING neckline, kung one-piece. TINY triangle cups and crotch kung two-piece. Naalala ko tuloy ‘yung “commando-green” ni Eden sa Supranational. Wax wax, yep.


  2. the guys were wearing board shorts why the girls were wearing skin tight swimswear. It’s time to impose different rules. If women wear tight fitting swimswear then should the men…

    • In that same logic: How `bout the women just wear board shorts, and nothing but board shorts. Idiot.

      • Tanga ka pala eh ang beauty pageant eh mostly geared to women. so the standards are geared towards them. kung maka same logic ka eh fail naman… super boba ka!!!! hihihihih

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