8 comments on “Meet Abena Appiah, Miss Ghana for Miss Earth 2019

  1. Don’t you notice Ghana has been in the radar of most beauty contests lately—either as semi-finalist or finalist? In the global political economy of beauty contests, I think pageant organizations are giving a closer look at this fast-growing country for inroads into the African market. Who knows, by crowning the Ghana rep Carousel Productions might get their own Chavit in this oil-rich country.

    • I agree, 2nd Runner up at Miss World is a huge feat for an African country aside from South Africa. Filipinos are a big hit in Africa for some reasons unknown to me.. They even love our teleseryes that they import and dub it.

  2. Good luck, Miss Abenia Appiah!

    * Top Model Ghana 2013
    Unplaced, Top Model of the World

    * Miss Universe Ghana 2014
    Unplaced, Miss Universe 2014

    * MIss New York at America’s Miss World 2017
    Top 16 Finalist

    * Miss Ghana Earth 2019
    __________ , Miss Earth 2019

  3. Ghana is the world’s fastest-growing economy in 2019, according to IMF. Crowning Abena as Miss Earth can open opportunities for this pageant to gain a foothold in Africa

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