21 comments on “Gazini Ganados: From the eyes (and hands) of elderly artists

  1. My current TOP 6 at Miss Universe:

    South Africa

    Top 12
    Puerto Rico

  2. I have a feeling that 2 blackgirls would make it to the Top 5/6

    South Africa

    Possible TOP 3


  3. D man sya nabiyayaan ng sobra in terms of speaking skills. Retoke man ilong. Nasa mata naman nya ang proof that she has a heart. Pansin mo talaga sa mata nya yung beautiful with a heart. But the confidence to speak d masyado pero confidence on stage meron. I think she is the miss vietnam 2018 of this edition. I want her to advance til top 3. Kebs kung d manalo basta nSa top 3 or top 5 basta si PR o thai brazil ang manalo.

  4. For the event to be truly part of her advocacy on the elderly, I hope there is a plan to auction the portraits and the proceeds will go to some select charity or elderly care programs.

  5. You can tell from Gaz’s body language that she’s not genuinely close to the elderly. She wouldn’t even touch them. Her hands are always to herself.

    • @ aj I think the reason for her reservation is the rather revealing bodice. She was being polite to the artists, too.

      • @flor, are you saying she’s not properly dressed? If what you’re saying is true then unfortunately she and her team had poor judgement. Doesn’t sound good for Team Philippines eh.

      • @ aj I’m sure you’ve seen the dress more closely by now. Whether or not it was proper for such an activity, I will decline saying. I just spoke for myself. In any case, it is finished. Enjoy your day. 🙂

    • U can make that decision based on pics above alone ? The guys next to her are not exactly ‘elderly’ so to be touchy-feely with them may not be appropriate.

      • @fabian, yes. A picture speaks a thousand word. In this case you multiply that by 11 exactly.

        And you’re putting the blame on Tito Norman for his choice of the word elderly? That’s a shame.

    • Your Observation “aj” was truly correct, i felt the same way, No sincerity at all. She’s only doing this for the sake that she has an advocacy. (For a show only)….

      I doubt if she can make even in the top 20 as she has a very poor communication skills, ” No question on her “beauty but “Brain wise?????? None at all”….

  6. Gazini is dyosa talaga.. I’m not expecting a bk to bk but I’m expecting na tough 5 tayo sa mu at may koronita si patch sa mi

  7. I agree, Gazini Ganados, parang si Maxine Medina na gandang hindi na kailangan ipaliwinag…

    Sana ang susunod na Miss World Philippines e mala Megan Young, yung gandang mahirap pantayan..

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