7 comments on “Cyrille Payumo: After her Q&A fail during Mutya Pilipinas 2019

  1. she had so many ideas to her answer it became cluttered and incoherent hehe but it wasnt so bad.

  2. Remember this ladies are wearing 5 inch heels so don’t base your judgment on just this video alone. I do believe Matteo is about 5’9″

    • @ mikko I thought James Reid was tall until a JaDine fan described him to me… I have seen Edu Manzano in the flesh, with only about a meter separating us. Both guys CANNOT be more than 5’5″.

      I think the local show business (industry) does not want leading men to be too tall because their love interests (local actresses) are on the lower end – 4′ to 5’4″ – and indeed a lofty partner would make the lady look even shorter. Of course, there are exceptions : note the height disparity between Dingdong and Marian.

      I’ve walked the streets of Lombardia and Toscano and I can say Italian men (at least in those parts and I think Matteo traces his roots further south) are on average not incredibly tall and the figure you quote for the actor is on the high end, if realistic. Thanks for the sharing.

      Back to the blog topic…

      I admire Cyrille’s GRIT. She is the type who can surely benefit from coaching. Auguri! 🙂

      • i agree she has so much potential and u cant deny that face and height. The way she speaks does require extensive training without memorizing her ideas. She just needs to compartelize her thoughts and definitely she needs to know herself very well before so she can formullate her own thoughts and not sound like rehearsed. shes no janina far from it and shes better than that el nino la nila girl hahaha

  3. That was it? That wasn’t too bad, sort of…. 🙂

    At least she kept her cool. In contrast, Vicki Rushton’s annoyance at BBP”19 was evident.

    Tyra Goldman was the one who tanked, totally did not answer her question.

    TIGILAN NA KASI ‘YANG, “THANK YOU FOR THE QUESTION”. That’s THREE (3) FULL seconds wasted, enough time to compose oneself or latch onto a specific point.

    Ang liit pala ni Matteo Giudicelli. Kung sa bagay, race car driver.

    • i agree she just needs to feel more comfortable and focused on her thoughts, regular training will put her on track for a future crown.

    • tyra was charming but she ddnt answer the question at all LOL both girls have huge potential as queens if only they become for focused on what theyre asked to answer than just go with the easiest way out that is to utter memorized answers or in the case of cyrille utter gibberish clutters of answers from catriona. Theyre not hopeless they just need more coaching on how to properly address a question

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