6 comments on “Ricky Gumera for Mister Global 2019

  1. ang oa ng lip gloss ng make up artist nya ha. heniwey, mas gwapo yata siya in candid shots.

    I love his EYES and his HANDS! ang sexy! maabot kaya ng mga daliri nya ang sumabit na puwing sa fallopian tube kwooh?

  2. Sobrang guapo nga pero straight & taken naman..

    Kung mala Piolo Pascual, Andrew Wolf, Zanjoe Marudo, Tony Labrusca, Martin Del Rosario, Aaron Villena, Enchong Dee, etc..
    Edi sana sure win yan or at least TOP 5 placement.. Pero hindi e… so Sayang lang effort…

  3. KAMAY (hands) pa lang, panalo na. BIG sturdy-looking pair (third photo from above), the proof of seafarers’ work.

    Pretty girlfriend, too. And an endearing smirk-smile.

    The Asian squad is relatively weak this year; I really hope he becomes this year’s token Oriental in the Top 5. Hongkong is really the only truly substantial Asian competitor – a lean-mean fitness trainer and footballer with a sweet-not-saccharine smile. Hope he can make it to Thailand, though. Rather silly the situation in HK, atm.

    Our best finish so far was Wilfred Placencia, Jr.’s 4th Runner-up effort in the inaugural edition. Incidentally, the latter was 2nd Runner-up at MrWP’18.

    My Initial Pre-Arrival 5-Pick : 4th RU – Phl or HK, 3rd RU – Cuba, 2nd RU – USA, 1st RU – Cyprus, and Switzerland FTW.

  4. He looks cool and decent. Ingat lang sa pag make up nagmumukhang jooding if not intended.

  5. I read that he’s the winner of Ginoong Calabarzon 2018 – defeating fellow contestant Robin Hanrath (now Mister Eco International Philippines 2019) who was not able to snatch even a runner-up finish back then.

    If not for contractual stipulations to compete in Global Bachelor Philippines 2019, I wonder how Ricky Gumera would have fared if he was eligible to join Mr. World Philippines 2018.

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