16 comments on “Meet the Queens: The Mutya Pilipinas 2019 Press Conference

  1. Tyra Goldman is the prettiest for me . She will do well at MIss Tourism International . I hope she joins Binibini
    I’m not on board with Castro .. the eye bags alone . But she looks more sophisticated than April MAy who needs more personality development .

  2. klyza castro has a bright future in pageantry…..shes a better karen ibasco prototype

  3. @flor hindi Pala matangkad si rysa hontiveros look alike. OK Lang Yun pwd sya mag mwp kasi maliit naman ang katawan. Mwp doesn’t give much criteria sa heighg

    • @ bonsai hater Blogger is a useful yardstick. It helps that he is often included in line-up photos of the titlists. If a lady is shorter than him – like the two Chelsi’s – then she’s not tall.

      OK lang si RH. Petite ang arrive.

      Mr. Tinio, is 5’5″ a precise estimate of your (physical) stature? 🙂

  4. Girl in blue doesn’t need to wear that horrible wig.
    She’ll look classier in a suave finger wave hairstyle.
    She has a small face that can carry a short hair well.

  5. Someone commented on the Pauline Amelinckx post that she is dull like Hannah Arnold (or similar).

    She is also somewhat short….. 5’4″ to 5’5″ barefoot and not tiptoeing by my reckoning…. so she might not make the cut at BBP2020. MWP2020 might be a better prospect for her. If ALV takes her in, Paton and Malinao should breathe more easily.

    Organicacion Mutya could consider taking the Philippines franchise of that (other) Malaysia-based pageant that gave the Asia-Pacific sash to Hannah, pre-BBP2019. Juzkoh! Paramihan ng titulo ang mga Nationals natin. 🙂

    Kiyza Castro is quite pretty. But I think a home court B2B now under the new Management will NOT help the MAPI brand regain traction again.overseas.

    World Top Model does PLENTY of swimwear shoots. Short should work on her SI moves & vibes.

  6. Hate April’s hair here. parang wig na pinatong lang.

    Anyway, i have question, Tito Norms. Are the crowns newly designed? or parang nabibili lang din? or designed, pero yan muna tapos magkakaroon ng mas bongga? para kasing maganda ung crown last year, naiiba talaga.

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